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<<--  Entry for:  October   22, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   22, 2018 There is the saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ and our orphans seem to think this is the case as well. Mukkoka and Dololo were very busy stealing branches through the partition between their stockades this afternoon. Dololo set the ball rolling when he started pulling Dololo’s branches and Mukkoka did the same in retaliation, and also so as not to miss out on his greens! Other neighbours nearby were also having the same tussle. Ambo pulled a big branch through from Mapia’s stable as his unsuspecting neighbor was munching on a branch on the other side of his room. It was when he tried to pull the second branch that Mapia realized what Ambo was doing and he tried to pull the branch back again. A tug of war began as the two boys pulled branches back and forth between the partition of their rooms, instead of just enjoying the branches they did have! There was a loud thump as eventually Mapia charged at the wooden partition to chase Ambo away from his share of greens, which rocked the whole structure.


Voi Unit  October   22, 2018 It was a wonderful morning with the stockade dependent orphan elephants coming out amid light rain. They all enjoyed a game of hide and seek around the stockade compound, maneuvering around the stockade terraces carefully in order to avoid any accidents and injuries.

Murit then lay down on the ground to play, but Ngilai came and climbed on his back enjoying a ride. Murit wriggled to get Ngilai off him so he could get back to his feet. Murit then turned to engage Ngilai in a head on wrestling match.

Once out in the browsing fields the orphan elephants enjoyed feeding on the moist grass stopping to take their noon milk bottle on the northern foot of Msinga Hill. They didn’t visit the water hole today as it was a rather cold day.

At about 4:15 a wild elephant herd came to join the orphans and Embu was the first one to move forward to greet them. It was a brief interaction as it was nearly time for the orphans to make their way back to the stockades for the night.

Mashariki playing

Ithumba Unit  October   22, 2018 It was a less busy morning with only a few wild elephants visiting. The ex-orphans present included Meibai, Kibo, Murka, Narok, Bomani, Orwa, Naisula, Chemi Chemi and Melia. The ex-orphans joined the orphans to eat some lucerne pellets. One of the wild bulls also joined in for the breakfast party, and only left after making sure all the pellets were gone. The ex-orphans accompanied the orphans out to browse and spent the entire morning feeding together. At mud bath time, twenty eight wild bulls were present and had fun wallowing and drinking water for nearly three hours. The orphans found them at mud bath and left them there too once they walked back out to browse again. Roi briefly had a soil dusting exercise, a game which attracted Melia, Kibo, Murka and Tusuja. Later, Tusuja joined two wild bulls to drink water before following his friends into the bush as well. The afternoon was quiet and the orphans didn't waste much time to waste in playing, but concentrated on browsing.


Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   22, 2018 It was very cloudy again today so the orphans were not as energetic or playful as they usually are in the morning. We had some light rain showers and all the orphans found it a bit cold. Murera and Mwashoti seemed the most affected babies as they walked out and had very stiff legs because of the cold weather. Murera came out of her room slowly Mwashoti followed slowly behind her to walk into the forest for the morning browsing.

Alamaya and Ziwa started a play-fight in the bushes to warm up their cold bodies. Alamaya was defeated by Ziwa because of his strong tusks but Alamaya showed Ziwa that he was also very strong too and should not be underestimated.

At the waterhole none of the orphans were interested in wallowing since it was still very chilly and they only greedily downed their milk bottles before walking back into the forest and waiting for their Keepers.

Jasiri playing

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