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<<--  Entry for:  October   23, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   23, 2018 Luggard’s friendship with Dololo is growing every day and this is for a number of reasons. First and foremost neither of them move off very deep into the forest with the others, and they both walk very slowly, which means they spend a lot of time together every day. Today when Merru and the other newcomer Mukkoka walked off with the other orphans, Luggard and his new friend decided to stay on their own in their own area, browsing from one bush to the next and taking short breaks in between.

When it was time for the 11am public visit today, Kuishi’s love for her milk bottle was very evident when downed her share quickly and then she tried to suck the leftovers around the bottle, before moving to the wheelbarrow to do the same, as there is always spilled milk at the bottom. This ended up with her being pushed out of the way by Ndiwa however, as she moved closer and tried to have some of Ndiwa’s share. Ndiwa turned in circles to try and discourage Kuishi, and when she finished her bottle she gave Kuishi an almighty push, which even left a mark on Kuishi because of her tusks! Kuishi hurried away and began to browse on the greens, rather than get in trouble again.


Voi Unit  October   23, 2018 Godoma’s limp has improved and was much better today but she chose to remain at the stockade together with her close friend Mbegu rather than go out to the browsing fields with the rest of the orphans. Godoma and Mbegu enjoyed plenty of lush green browse blended with Lucerne grass pellets and by evening her limp had improved even more.

On arriving on the northern side of Msinga Hill, Ndotto, Lasayen and Murit hung back as if expecting Mbegu and Godoma to be lagging and coming to join them. When they saw that the rest of the group had moved quite far ahead they ran to catch up, kicking up a great cloud of dust while doing so.

On joining their friends they turned the whole scenario into a game as they ran around bashing through small bushes, hitting them with their trunks. Their tails were curled up over their backs, heads held high up with their noses sticking out. The orphans played for five minutes before everyone settling down to begin the days browsing activities.

The stockade dependent orphan elephants visited the baobab tree water hole in the afternoon and enjoyed drinking their delicious milk bottle. They then had a drink of clean water from the trough before leaving to resume with their browsing activities as it was too cold a day for a mud bath.

Godoma scratching

Ithumba Unit  October   23, 2018 It was a chilly morning and the only guest elephant at the stockade compound was Buchuma. When the orphans were let out, Buchuma joined them to feed on lucerne pellets. Half an hour later, six wild elephants showed up with two young ones. The two young ones tried to join the juniors to eat pellets but Tusuja and Mundusi protected the pellets and tried to chase them away. At one point, Mundusi even knocked one of them over, and this didn't go down well with her sister who came running forward for revenge. Mundusi turned and ran away to avoid the wrath of the sister.

Later out in the bush, the chilly weather gave way to light showers that activated the orphans playing moods. Naseku, Namalok, Oltaiyoni, Maramoja, Rapa, Ukame, Pare, Karisa and Siangiki all had fun rolling on the ground. Later, when the showers stopped, the orphans also stopped playing and resumed browsing.

At mud bath time, the weather was still chilly and the orphans had their milk then joined ex-orphan Taita at the water trough. Taita had arrived only minutes earlier. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the upper Kalovoto area. Late in the afternoon, Mutara’s group, who have been away for nearly ten days, appeared at the stockade compound looking very thirsty. Mutara, Suguta, Sities, Chaimu, Kainuk, Kasigau and Kanjoro took the much needed water and decided to relax in the stockade compound to recover their lost energy, and they looked relieved to be in the stockades.

Tusuja facing off with a wild elephant

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   23, 2018 Playful Sonje and Quanza took everyone by surprise when Quanza grabbed Sonje’s tail and Sonje in turn grabbed her tail and they were there connected as one walking round and round the loading wall. The others could not be bothered to wait for them to finish with their childish antics and they all walked out to the forest.

The older boys were in a fighting mood and they all joined forces to begin their pushing and wrestling games out in the forest. Ngasha fell down at one stage as he was backing away from his opponent Ziwa, and did not see the posts behind him so he tripped over, just as Ziwa pushed him while he was off balance. He got his revenge on Ziwa however when Jasiri came over to help him get up and then they ganged up against Ziwa together.

When it was time to return home, all the elephants made their way into their rooms and we watched as Zongoloni, Jasiri and Mwashoti picked up their bottles with ease; in two minutes they had finished their bottles and all the Keepers had to do was pick up their empty bottles.

Jasiri charging at Faraja

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