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<<--  Entry for:  October   25, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   25, 2018 It was a chilly and cloudy morning this morning as the orphans made their way out to the forest. Tagwa and Malima led as the elephants as they spread out in the bushes to begin their morning of browsing. The little ones Dololo, Mukkoka and Merru wore their blankets as usual to protect them from the morning cold. Luggard, who is always determined and lively, was still at the back of the group with Dololo, Musiara and Maktao. The bigger orphans like Sana Sana, Tagwa and Malkia pulled down some of the branches of the taller trees for the little ones standing beneath like Sattao, Kiasa and Maisha.

During the 9am milk feeding, Kuishi showed off her greedy character again as upon finishing her bottle, she was reluctant to move away from the wheelbarrow, and all of a sudden she picked up an empty one and put it in her mouth, trying to lick the last remnants of milk that might be found there. The Keepers were telling her off and to put the bottle down, which she eventually did drop but just to suck up the spilled milk she could find at the bottom of the wheelbarrow. Eventually she was moved away from the area by the Keepers instead she decided to knock the whole wheelbarrow over.

Tagwa, Jotto and Mapia

Voi Unit  October   25, 2018 It was a wonderful beginning to the day with the milk dependant orphans of Mbeguís herd running out full of excitement for their morning milk bottle after which they settling with their older friends from Keniaís herd to feed on the supplements that had been put out for them by the Keepers.
The second herd of milk feeding orphan elephants followed closely them, with Ndoria who was believed to have a score to settle with Nguvu coming past the milk bottle to chase Nguvu who was ahead of her, but was unable to catch him. Nelion was busy rubbing his big bottom against a rock while inviting Ndotto to come join him.

Lentili tried to lead her friends to the browsing fields but was premature in wanting to leave as the rest of the group was not done playing and as such were reluctant to follow her. She took a few steps forward, swinging her right front foot back and forth in a characteristic elephant gesture of indecision. She later picked up some dust and threw it onto her back while waiting for the rest. She later enjoyed leading her friends to the fields where they browsed in single file.

There was some light rain during the day which was welcomed by everyone, both two and four footed. Mbegu continued to keep Godoma company at the stockades.

Mashariki busy browsing

Ithumba Unit  October   25, 2018 It was wet in the morning following 12mm of rain received around dawn. The orphans walked carefully because the ground was slippery. They settled to eat their Lucerne pellets, and not one single wild elephant or ex-orphan showed up. The rain appeared to have sent them far away. The orphans were in a jovial mood following the cool temperature and settled to browse in Kone area. Roi, Mteto, Naseku and Kamok took a break from feeding to play by rolling on the ground. Galla and Namalok had a stand-off when they met to share a shrub in which each party had an interest. At last, Namalok being the junior surrendered and allowed Galla to have his way. At mud bath time, the weather was still chilly and the orphans didn't waste time; after having their milk, Oltaiyoni led the way back to the browsing field. Galla again had a strength testing exercise with Namalok, whilst Kauro opted to play with Roi. The rest of the afternoon was quiet as the orphans enjoyed the cool weather.


Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   25, 2018 Many wild elephants friends showed up behind the stockade area and we thought that perhaps Osama had come to see Sonje again. The Keepers tried to peer through the bushes to see if they knew the wild elephants, and Lima Lima too was very helpful too and she tried to investigate to see who was there. Later Ziwa joined the wild friends and started to play-fight them, blocking them from coming close to the females in the herd.

As we continued walking along a pathway in the forest, leading to a water spring, a tortoise heard the orphans walking and stopped to hide its head in its shell. Zongoloni, who was walking in front, thought it was just normal rock, she stepped on the side of it which turned it upside down and that was the moment the Keepers saw it as well. They quickly righted the tortoise and set it on its way and it continued on with its journey into the bushes. Along the Chyulu Hills where the orphans were walking.

Along the Chyulu hills where Murera and Alamaya had stopped to browse alone behind their friends, some klipspringers jumped along the rocks to run away from the elephant orphans.

Ziwa near the mudbath area

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