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<<--  Entry for:  October   26, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   26, 2018 It was a sunny day today which meant the orphans looked happy and ready to enjoy their mud bath after their 11am milk bottle. As the first group finished having their bottles, the little mini matriarch Tamiyoi was the first one to get into the muddy water hole. There she happily sprayed herself with the muddy water. Maisha and Emoli went into the water second and then most of the others followed. Mukkoka and Merru decided to not go in the water, and stood on the edge trying to spray their bodies with their little trunks before the Keepers helped them have a bath by putting some mud on their backs with the spade. The two little boys who are fairly new to the Nursery and mud bath visiting time really enjoyed their bath. When it came time for the older orphans to have their mud bath the activity was taken up a level as they rolled and splashed mud everywhere. As usual Malima was the most boisterous and playful, and came out of the mud hole covered from head to toe with mud, and ran along the rope cordon trying to get as many of the visitors muddy as possible, before running back into the mud bath again. She is such a funny and naughty character!

Orphans walking out

Voi Unit  October   26, 2018 It was a nice beginning to the day as the orphan elephants gulped down their milk before settling down for their routine supplement feeding amid some light rain. Lasayen ran up and down the stockade compound getting very excited about the coming of the rainy season. Murit engaged his friend Ngilai in a one to one play fight, while steering clear of Ndotto who wanted to join them.

Godoma today was doing very well and was able to accompany her friends to the browsing fields. The rain continued throughout the day with the orphans choosing to browse nearby before slowly making their way back to the stockades for their afternoon milk bottle and a drink of water. Ndii stayed bumper to bumper with her adopted baby Tahri, while Panda and Kihari had a soft spot for Kenia’s adopted baby Araba.

The rest of the days browsing activities took place half way up the southern side of Msinga Hill.


Ithumba Unit  October   26, 2018 It was drizzling in the morning when the orphans were let out of their stockades this morning. They made sure to walk carefully because the ground was wet and slippery, as they made their way for their morning Lucerne pellet feeding. Only Tomboi showed up briefly before walking away again. The drizzle stopped half an hour later and Maramoja led the way out. The orphans enjoyed feeding on the nice and wet vegetation up to mud bath time when Naseku led the first group to the mud bath.

It looked like a herd of almost two hundred buffalo passed by the mud bath, just minutes before the orphans arrived. Two wild bulls joined the orphans to drink water, and thereafter escorted them back out to the bush. In the afternoon, the weather was chilly and the orphans settled to browse in the upper Kalovoto area where Namalok and Galla briefly had a strength testing exercise before Oltaiyoni intervened by pushing the two boys away.


Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   26, 2018 Today Mwashoti was very badly behaved which was such a surprise as we did not expect it from this little boy. Lima Lima was busy eating some Lucerne pellets and then she decided to walk away, passing next to where Mwashoti was eating. He thought Lima Lima was trying to get some of his pellets and he pushed her away and then got a fright from the Keeper who was behind him and also telling Lima Lima to keep moving, and he knocked him with his trunk. He did not do it intentionally but he felt very bad and ran straight away to Sonje because he was so sorry about what he had done. Then he slowly walked towards the Keepers as if to apologise for being so greedy as well.

Shukuru later took the lead and went out with Ziwa to the bushes, leaving Sonje at the stockade dust bath point with Faraja and Quanza still waiting to scratch on the post that was on the pathway.

The rain started again just slightly before the midday bottle feeding and the Keepers had to go for their rain coats and umbrellas. When Alamaya and Mwashoti saw Keepers with their umbrellas, they too tried to join the Keepers underneath to protect them from rain as well!

Shukuru in the bushes

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