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<<--  Entry for:  October   27, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   27, 2018 Last nightís food feud between the neighbours Ndiwa and Malkia spilled over into this morning. The two girls pushed at the posts partitioning their stockades as they fought over the leftover branches. Malkia provoked her neighbor first by stealing one of her leftover branches. As soon as the gates to their stockades were opened, they both came out and within second they had begun tussling with each other, Ndiwa probably wanting to take revenge for Malkia stealing her branch. A push and pull fight ensued as they followed the rest of the group who were walking slowly out to the forest. Ndiwa looked a bit stronger, and pushed Malkia so hard that she stumbled and fell into Maktao, knocking him to the ground. This prompted the matriarch Tagwa to step in, who wanted no harm to befall one of her precious babies, and she came between the warring girls to separate them. Ndiwa tried to turn her anger on Tagwa as Malkia walked away, but Sana Sana then came over to back Tagwa and in the end Ndiwa left in the company of Malima and Enkesha to walk off deep into the forest.

Ndiwa, Kiasa and Jotto

Voi Unit  October   27, 2018 It was a bright sunny morning as the orphans walked out of their stockade and headed for their milk and supplement feeding. Godomaís limp is complete gone and she was one of the first to come out to grab her delicious milk bottle. Ndoria has become a little bully to Nguvu. Today she came and stood by the door preventing Nguvu from coming out. This lasted a few minutes before she gave up and the two went for their milk feed.

The orphans played around the stockade compound for a while before following Naipoki, Suswa and Arruba to the browsing fields. Their browsing pace was deliberately slow as they wanted to grab as much vegetation as they could. While browsing they met up with Dabassa and Layoni who have not been seen for a while. Dabassa noticed that Nelionís tusks were almost bigger than his and happily engaged Nelion in a strength testing pushing game while Layoni interacting with Mbeguís herd until the stockade dependent group made their way back to the stockades for their noon milk feed and some water followed by their older friends. The two older boys then left the juniors on the southern side of Msinga Hill as they made their way to towards the Mzima spring-Mombasa water pipeline area.


Ithumba Unit  October   27, 2018 Another quiet and wet morning today following 12mm of rain received at dawn. Soon after the orphans were let out, Laragai led the way out. Her rebel-group headed south as the other dependent orphans headed north. Laragai, who is the only female in her group and the Ďrebel leaderí, then appeared to change her mind and left the boys to follow the others, while Kithaka, Garzi, Lemoyian and Barsilinga headed south. Dupotto teamed up with the independent and slow Sapalan to feed, while Kauro, Kamok, Karisa and Naseku had fun with water that had collected on the rocks. They quenched their thirst with the rain water then started splashing the rest behind their ears. At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and the orphans waded through the mud water and after headed back out to browse. In the afternoon, the clouds cleared, giving way to sunshine.

Orphans mudbathing

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   27, 2018 The babies were very quiet and peaceful this morning when they came out of their rooms. Zongoloni and Quanza headed to the scratching wall where Mwashoti joined them too. Sonje just scratched her bottom a little bit then went to dust bath to roll on the soil, as Shukuru led the way out to thr bush to browse.

Murera led Mwashoti and Ziwa high up into the hills until she found it was too steep and she could not go any further.

Later some baboons came running out of the bushes towards the orphans which gave them a fright and Lima Lima followed behind Shukuru as they ran away.

Lima Lima scratching

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