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<<--  Entry for:  October   28, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   28, 2018 Kiasa continues to show how close she is to Merru. This morning the normally cheeky girl was protecting him from Sattao, who was trying to provoke Merru and steal his blanket too. Kiasa in turn kept grabbing Sattao’s tail, probably with the intention of biting it as she is known for this naughty habit! Sattao was wise to that however and kept turning around to engage the little girl in a small fight. Nevertheless Kiasa achieved her intention of keeping his attention away from Merru.

As the sun continued to rise higher in the sky, the orphans took advantage of that and warmed themselves. Musiara and Maktao, who are best known for hanging around their Keepers, were happily warming themselves lying down in an open glade. They rolled around and spread their legs so as to warm as much of their bodies as possible. Maisha joined them too, but first touched their bellies and ears as if seeking permission to do so. She got down on the ground slowly next to Musiara and unlike the other two, she just lay still and let the sun slowly warm her body.


Voi Unit  October   28, 2018 The morning milk feed took place bright and early after which the stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoyed their supplements before they busied themselves playing around the stockade compound. Nelion engaged Tundani in a wonderful head on play fight while Bada together with Mudanda, Mashariki and Rorogoi fed on acacia branches along the fence line together. Bada later became impatient taking the lead of his friends towards the browsing field.

Ishaq-B who in the recent past has been trying to take Mbegu’s herd managed today to separate them from the Kenia’s herd, staying with them for the whole of the mornings browsing session. Ishaq-B later led them towards the baobab tree water hole where they joined the rest of the orphan elephants for their milk feed and mudbath.

Tawi the father to Karibu who had paid a courtesy visit to greet her three weeks ago, today once again left the stockade to go wild.

Arruba left with the others

Ithumba Unit  October   28, 2018 The sky was clear in the morning. The orphans settled for lucerne pellets soon after leaving their stockades. The rebels, whose number has dropped to four as Laragai left their company yesterday, also walked out soon after finishing feeding on Lucerne pellets. Laragai in turn led the young ones to the Kone area where they settled to browse for the better part of the morning. At one point, the temperature rose and got quite hot, making Enkikwe and Kamok come together and feed under a tree that had nice shade. The rest of the group converged under another tree that had also a good shade. Sapalan, who is quite independent, wasn’t bothered by the temperature but continued to browse under the hot sun as the rest of his friends hid from it. At mud bath time, the orphans had their milk then headed for water with Sapalan opting for a lone mud bath, as the rest of his colleagues didn't show any interest. Sapalan had his mud bath without disturbance and competition, things that he really likes to avoid. After Sapalan had enough of mud bathing, he walked up to the water trough and again he was happy since his friends had moved a short distance away, leaving all the water for himself. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse on the western side of the Ithumba Hill, where they were briefly joined by two wild bulls. Wanjala and Karisa raised their trunks as if waving to draw the attention of the bulls of their presence, but the bulls ignored them. The two bulls slowly walked away and disappeared into the thicket.

Sapalan mudbathing

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   28, 2018 All the elephants had very good night last night and very early in the morning, before the Keepers even had their bottles ready, they were awake and very restless and eager to come out of their rooms. When the Keepers passed by the Sonje and Murera’s stockades with the bottles, Zongoloni became so hyper and pushed on the posts of her wall because she could not wait and was so excited for her bottle.

At the dust bath which is just by the stockade gate, Sonje went and sat down on her bottom for a scratch with her tail in the air. She really enjoyed that scratching session and when she was done Lima Lima and then Faraja had a turn too.

Jasiri and Ngasha, as usual for these boisterous bulls, started a pushing game, but then it turned into a proper fight. It all started when they wanted to go in different directions. Ngasha wanted his own way and Jasiri wanted to go another. Ngasha pushed Jasiri and touched his tail and that was when the fighting began and it got very rough. In the end the big girls Sonje and Zongoloni and even Quanza came over to separate them by standing in between them to stop fighting.

Sonje scratching

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