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<<--  Entry for:  October   29, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   29, 2018 Kikoís theatrics are not new to the elephant orphans or the Keepers. Since he is the tallest in the Nursery he likes to think he is the overall boss as well and he likes to do exactly as he pleases. This morning Kiko and the elephants were having their 9am feed and Kiko reached the feeding area for his bottle first. After he pretended to feed on the nearby trees, but then he made a u-turn and came near to the milk wheelbarrow, where the orphans were having their bottles. Kiko started misbehaving and Emoli cried out as he was having his milk bottle right next to him. The naughty giraffe then intentionally kicked the wheelbarrow holding the empty milk bottles which sent them flying in all directions. The Keepers came over to calm him down and he stopped being naughty, resuming to browse from the trees nearby. When the feeding time was over the elephant orphans dispersed throughout the thicket in the forest, and Kiko followed them from a distance.

All the orphans going to browse

Voi Unit  October   29, 2018 It was a bright and sunny morning as the stockade dependant orphan elephants came out of their stockade excited to begin another day. After the milk dependant orphans had finished their milk bottle, they joined their older friends for the Lucerne pellet feeding before teaming up to play games around the stockade compound. Ngilai held his best friend Murit in a wonderful wrestling match entwining their trunks as they played. Mbegu went for a scratching session against one of the small rocks in the stockade compound.

The orphans then took off towards the field to begin the days browsing sessions. On arriving at the southern foot of Msinga hill, the orphans stopped to break small branches off bushes, carefully stripping them of their tasty and nutritional bark, before proceeding to feed on the open savannah grass lands on the far northern side of the stockade.

After visiting the baobab water hole in the afternoon, Mbeguís herd separated themselves from Keniaís herd, and was joined by Ishaq-B who re-united them with Keniaís herd an hour later.

Mbegu browsing

Ithumba Unit  October   29, 2018 Karisa led the way out soon when the gates were opened. The orphans joined ex-orphans Kenze, Orwa, Bomani and Narok who had reported early before dawn. Wanjala and Ukame settled to feed on one pile of lucerne pellets with Kenze. Kenze didn't entertain the two orphans but told them to look for another pile since that one wasn't big enough for the three of them. Wanjala persisted, which forced Kenze to push him away. Shortly later, the ex-orphans and the orphans together walked out to the bush. The inquisitive Wanjala settled to feed with Kenze as he tried to understand how life is out in the wild. Kenze was not that keen on entertaining Wanjala, as shortly later he walked away.

At mud bath time, the orphans participated in wallowing soon after having their milk. The competition was between Ukame and Esampu as each tried to get to the finish-line first; that being where the Keepers are standing with their milk bottles. When Ukame saw that Esampu was about to win, she tried to block her by pushing her from behind. Esampu didn't fight as she knew she would be fighting a losing battle, and so she surrendered and followed behind Ukame slowly. The lone and independent Sapalan joined a wild bull to drink water and later followed his group. Sapalan looked a bit tired and in the evening on the way back to the stockade he was unusually slow. Yatta and the entire ex-orphan group reported for water in the evening. Missing were Bongo and Teleki who have attached themselves to Nasalotís group for the time being.


Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   29, 2018 The orphans made their way out of the stockades today to begin their new day. Jasiri was holding some hay with his trunk as he walked out, and Faraja and Ziwa were running behind to try and snatch it from him. Lima Lima joined the running boys and tried to get some of the hay too, but Jasiri saw them all coming and started running faster too, and ended up dropping most of the hay in his effort to escape. This made it hard for any of the elephants to pick it up from the ground, so in the end none of them had any.

At the bottle feeding place all the babies came and Sonje walked them over to one of the water pools where they drank clean water and then they walked over to the mud bath. Murera and Sonje, led them there, but when the orphans got there they just splashed parts of the bodies and bellies then all left again.

After the Keepers had their lunch they found the boys with the light skin, Faraja and Jasiri, already waiting inside the forest under the shades, because the sun was beginning to get hot forcing them to spend more time in the shade.

Jasiri browsing

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