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<<--  Entry for:  October   30, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   30, 2018 This morning was misty and then it started to drizzle. By mid-morning it was full on raining. Most of the babies were enjoying the rain but a few of them decided to take cover under some trees. Dololo, Mukkoka and Merru are not very strong enough to withstand the bad weather so they were led back to their rooms and provided with greens to browse on. Kiko decided to make his own way back to the stockades as well and stand in his own room too! The rainy weather however is certainly Maxwell the rhinos favourite and he was rolling on the heaps of soil in his stockade and running up and down, his whole body caked in mud. Kiasa was in a very calm mood again today, and remained sandwiched between Ndiwa and Malkia. Sattao and his good friend Musiara were enjoying the body warmth of the Nursery matriarch Tagwa, who took cover from the rain beneath some trees. The chilly and rainy weather seemed not to bother the two good friends and age-mates Ambo and Jotto however, and they braved the rain whilst playing in a ‘push and pull’ fight. Ambo was a bit more boisterous in the game, compared to Jotto who known to be more polite, earning him the title of ‘little mellow boy’ from the Keepers.

Tagwa and Jotto

Voi Unit  October   30, 2018 It was a perfect beginning to the day as the orphan elephants stuck with their milk and supplement feeding routine before engaging in a few play fights after which they headed to the browsing fields. Arruba, Suswa and Embu came out with a little limp which disappeared after some Fastum gel was rubbed onto their knees. On arriving on the northern foot of Msinga Hill, Ishaq-B once again separated Mbegu’s herd from Kenia’s herd. Mashariki, Suswa and Embu were suspicious of Ishaq-B’s intended plans for the younger orphans and made sure to stay close by. Ishaq-B left the three to play with Mbegu’s herd in some deep erosion trenches on the foot of Msinga hill watching them from a short distance away.

The orphan elephants visited the baobab water hole where they drank milk and water but did not partake of the mudbath as it was a cold and cloudy day. The afternoons browsing activities took place close to the waterhole.

Ishaq-B feasting on green leaves

Ithumba Unit  October   30, 2018 This morning we found Sapalan was quite unwell and had to be assisted to get up. Shortly later, he collapsed again and had no strength to stand by himself. This was very strange and had all the Keepers worried. A quick decision was made after conferring with Angela Sheldrick, and he was put to a drip to help stimulate his energy levels. Forty five minutes later, the drip proved helpful and Sapalan was helped back to his feet and he started feeding on greens and pellets.

The orphans settled to browse in the Kone area, where some of them could not understand why Sapalan was not with them. Enkikwe visited Sapalan when he was put on a drip and kept him company. Most of the time, Sapalan and Enkikwe lag behind the others and walk together, as they are both slow walkers these days.

At mud bath time, Esampu made sure that she was at the front of the line to run for the milk bottles, to avoid a scenario like yesterday of being pulled back by her seniors. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse and Karisa and Rapa gave the Keepers a hard time when they conspired to dodge them and run off without the Keeper’s knowing. The rest of their friends returned back to the stockade at the usual time with Karisa and Rapa still at large. A spirited effort from the Keepers bore fruit and they managed to smoke them out their hiding place. It was a happy ending as the two orphans were found and Sapalan was still in okay condition having spent the day in the stockade compound.

Sapalan on a drip

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   30, 2018 Lima Lima took over leading from Zongoloni and Quanza and led the orphans to the gate following the pellets being pushed by a Keeper in a wheelbarrow to where he was going to put them on the ground. Ziwa turned to push Ngasha away to give him more space to eat but Ngasha pushed back and a little pushing game started between the two boys, until Ziwa fell down on his bottom.

Later the Keepers were leading the orphans towards the Umani Hills and while on the way some wild elephants began trumpeting to let them know they were close by. When Sonje heard the rumblings and trumpets she turned around looking to locate where the noise was coming from so she could go and meet with them. It was not wild elephant bulls however, but some females with their young calves.

Close to the midday milk feeding time it was hard for Murera and Mwashoti to walk quickly down the hill to reach the feeding area as it was quite steep, so in the end the Keepers drove the bottles up the hill to them, where the orphans were enjoying browsing on the soft vegetation around them.

Ziwa playing

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