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<<--  Entry for:  October   31, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   31, 2018 Malima and Tamiyoi seem to be quite close friends, and we have seen this bond developing recently. Although the mini-matriarch Tamiyoi likes to spend most of her time with the little ones, she also spares some time to play and browse close to her friend Malima. It is also evident that Malima is learning how to play the more ‘motherly’ role from her friend, and today she spent a lot of her day with Musiara, helping him pull branches down that were too high for him to reach. She was also seen twice defending him from the little bully boy Mapia.

Kuishi and Sagala are both neighbours and friends, but when it comes to the milk bottles they seem to have a bit of a rift. This was evident during the 9am feeding today. Kuishi was the first one to finish her bottle and due to her love of the milk formula she tried to get an extra drop from her friend. Sagala turned in circles in protest to sacrificing any of her milk, even for her friend.
All the babies love their milk bottles so much they will always come in running for them to be the first to reach the Keepers holding them, and Luggard doesn’t want to be left out, despite his limp. He was seen rushing in with the others and to the Keepers astonishment, and his friends, he overtook Dololo and Musiara to reach the bottles first – that earned him several cheers from the Keepers that morning!

Mapia and Mukkoka

Voi Unit  October   31, 2018 After the morning milk and supplement feeding, the orphans gathered at the stockade compound for some wrestling and playing. Ndoria became naughty holding Arruba away from the Lucerne grass pellet feeding area making the Keepers intervene so that Arruba could access the pellets.

Rorogoi and Lentili then took the lead of the orphan elephants towards the fields. Green grass and bush had started regenerating following the recent rains with the orphan elephants not hiding their excitement as they played happily.

The stockade dependant orphans started running, letting their bodies go loose which made their ears and trunks flop about at the same time as they trumpeted with a loud pulsating sound associated with play. Kenia was quiet in the beginning but it was not long before she too broke into a run to join her friends. Tahri spent the better part of the day browsing close to Naipoki and Panda as her adopted mother Ndii watched her interaction with the other too. The orphans visited the baobab water hole in the afternoon where they had a brief mudbath. Ishaq-B split Mbegu’s herd from Kenia’s and spent the afternoon browsing with them. The two groups rejoined when it was time to head to the stockades for the night.

Rorogoi drinking water

Ithumba Unit  October   31, 2018 The senior ex-orphans led by Yatta joined the orphans for pellets early in the morning. The little rascal baby Nusu had a small disagreement with Pare and Rapa as he tried to push them away from their pellets. The two boys couldn't retaliate because Nasalot, Nusu’s mother, was close by and they feared being reprimanded by her. Rapa and Pare just walked away, probably silently swearing to themselves to teach the little rascal a lesson if they met him without his mother and nannies.

Out in the bush, the orphans were joined by Chemi Chemi, who has nearly healed from his lion attack, Murka, Orwa, Bomani, Kibo and Narok. The sun was really hot and at mud bath time, the orphans headed straight to cool-off in the mud, without having to be directed by anybody. In the afternoon, the temperature became unbearable, forcing the orphans to seek shelter under some trees to avoid the scorching sun. The orphans resumed browsing when the temperature dropped to a favourable level.

Nusu playing with Pare

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   31, 2018 Sonje was being so funny in the morning as she showed off her yoga-playing styles in the dust bath area of the stockades. She was having so much fun that the others all joined her. First Mwashoti and then all other boys came over but she turned them away to accommodate Alamaya and Lima Lima with Zongoloni on top of the pile. Shukuru was also playing in the dust but when Ngasha turned his bottom against her as if to slide on her, Shukuru had to leave because she did not allow the big boys like Ngasha and Jasiri to climb on her back because they are heavy boys.

Mwashoti had to rumble to call the big girls to help him as Ziwa was following him in the bushes and touching his tail. Mwashoti was not happy about this this and he rumbled very loudly for Murera to come and help. Murera came but so did all the other females including Sonje, Zongoloni and Quanza. They all came to see why Mwashoti was rumbling for help. When they found Ziwa close to him they knew why he was calling for help and they pushed Ziwa away. Sonje and Murera left Lima Lima and Zongoloni in charge and walked with Mwashoti slowly back to the herd who were waiting by the water springs.

Alamaya in the browsing field

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