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<<--  Entry for:  October   7, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   7, 2018 Normally Kiko will wait in the stockade compound before joining the elephants after the public visiting hour, but today he refused to wait there and ran out into the forest to find the elephants. In the end though, it was actually the elephants who helped the Keepers return Kiko to the compound, to wait for his usual time of going out to the forest. As usual it was Musiara who saw Kiko first and wanted to charge at him. He saw Kiko running towards the herd and Musiara began charhing at him. Malkia, who is very fond of Musiara and never wants anything to happen to him, came charging up to support him, along with Jotto, Sana Sana and Kuishi. They all began running towards Kiko trumpeting and stamping their feet. Eventually Kiko surrendered and ran back to the stockades without needing any further convincing from the Keepers.

Today Maktao decided to abandon Tamiyoi’s younger group for most of the day. Instead he decided to hang out with the older girls since morning. Sana Sana, Ndiwa, Sagala and Tagwa were very delighted to have the younger boy with them.

Kiko walking out to the forest

Voi Unit  October   7, 2018 The orphans came out of their stockades in a happy mood having their morning milk bottle before settling down for their supplement feeding. Mudanda started pushing Rorogoi away from the Lucerne grass pellet feeding tray and the Keepers had to intervene to maintain the peace.
The orphans then enjoyed some stockade games with Araba leaving Kenia who is less playful to join Kihari, Suswa and Naipoki for some lying and rolling games on the red earth piles before the entire group left for the browsing grounds.

Mbegu secured a green bush to browse on as it had a lot of lush green leaves which she stuffed into her mouth. Ndoria approached Mbegu and stood next to her, grabbing green leaves directly from Mbegu’s mouth instead of from the bush. The orphans visited the baobab tree water hole in the afternoon where they had a drink of water but didn’t wallow as it was quite a cold day.

On the way back to the stockades in the evening Tundani and Nelion became engaged in a strength testing game wanting to settle some sort of score which no one knew about.

Ndoria grabbing leaves from Mbegu's mouth

Ithumba Unit  October   7, 2018 Chemi Chemi and Kilaguni, who arrived in the morning at the stockade compound in the company of six wild bulls, abandoned the wild bulls at the water trough and joined the juniors to feed on lucerne. Out in the bush, the orphans were joined by Mutara’s group. Garzi, who had missed playing with Kanjoro, got the opportunity when Kanjoro walked straight to him and immediately the pushing game started. The duo tussled for a while before realizing that they were wasting a lot of time and it's in the dry season, and they are supposed to concentrate on browsing. The two boys reached a consensus that what they had done was enough and they should continue another day. At mud bath time, the orphans were briefly joined by Tomboi and Zurura. Olsekki emerged as the star of wallowing as he had a prolonged wallowing and he was the last one to quit. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at the western side of the Ithumba hill. The sun was still hot and the orphans converged under an acacia tree while continuously flapping their ears for nearly two hours.

Kanjoro plays with Garzi

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   7, 2018 Sonje came out of her stockade early in the morning. The first thing she did was to confirm that Mwashoti had had a good night by putting her trunk over Mwashoti’s shoulder; the two elephants responded to each other with big rumbles which attracted Murera and the other boys to come and see why Sonje and Mwashoti were rumbling so much.

Faraja didn’t walk all the way up to them and just stopped by the gate entrance, then walked back to climb on the scratching wall. From there he began looking over the other orphans from the top of the wall, feeling pleased with how big he was compared to the other orphans who were now eating the Lucerne pellets. A small fight broke out amongst the babies over the pellets and Alamaya even turned on Mwashoti thinking he was taking them all and leaving him with none.

When the orphans started to walk out of the forest, Murera blocked Lima Lima from going first so that she could lead the group and set the pace at a slower one for her bad leg, rather than the others just charging ahead and leaving her at the back.

Sonje coming out of the forest

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