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<<--  Entry for:  October   8, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   8, 2018 Merru received such a lovely welcome from Enkesha on his first day at the mud bath during the public visiting hour, this was lovely to see. Kiasa knows now that she has to arrive at the milk feeding point last because of her greedy, pushing behaviour around the milk wheelbarrow. So after weeks of being blocked by the Keepers and only allowed down to the feeding area at the very last minute, Kiasa has become accustomed to this routine now! Today she was the one, together with Maktao who escorted Merru to his first milk bottle feeding time. Merru likes to shout after he has had his milk bottle, even with the milk bottle still in his mouth, as if he is unhappy that the milk is finished and he wants more. When Enkesha heard him shout she ran over to him and comforted him by walking around the mud bath area with him. It was as if she was showing him where to go and what to do, like browsing on greens or taking a mud bath if he felt like it. After consoling him by wrapping her trunk around him, she walked him to a water trough. They spent some time there enjoying the water, before walking over to some green branches and enjoying the browse, before opting to go over to the mud bath. The Keepers did not want him to go inside today as he is still little and they did not want him to get stuck, so they used a shovel to shower him with nice cool mud.

Merru at mud bath

Voi Unit  October   8, 2018 The stockade dependent orphan elephants came out of their stockades in a happy mood and headed straight to their milk bottle which they wasted no time in drinking. Panda engaged Nelion in a play fighting game while sitting on one of the stockade terraces while Mbegu enjoyed a scratching session against a big rock in the stockade compound where she was joined by Rorogoi. Mbegu then took the lead of her friends to the browsing grounds.

The orphans browsed for about an hour on the northern foot of Msinga Hill where Arruba and Embu had a scratch against a big rock boulder. The orphan herd visited the baobab tree water hole where they had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games following their milk feed. Ndotto lay on Murit to stop him from being the star of the wallowing games while Nelion enjoyed scratching his bottom against a big rock. The rest of the days browsing activities took place close to Msinga Hill.

Panda right playing with Nelion

Ithumba Unit  October   8, 2018 Seven wild bulls were drinking water at the stockade water trough when the orphans were let out in the morning. The juniors settled for lucerne soon after leaving the stockade. Twenty minutes later, the senior ex orphans emerged from the eastern side of the stockade compound. The ex-orphans joined the orphans to feed on lucerne. Siku walked to where Esampu was feeding on her pellets but this time was cautious, leaving room for escape if Esampu reacted and tried to attack her. Esampu understood the behaviour of Siku and so continued to pick on the pellets since Siku didn't come so close and at least she was showing some respect.

After the pellets breakfast was over, the senior ex-orphans parted ways with the juniors. At the browsing field, Karisa engaged Galla in a strength testing exercise that saw Galla emerge as the winner after Karisa surrendered and walked away.

The sun was really hot and at mud bath time we had unusual visitors come to cool off too. Seventeen wild dogs were relaxing under a nearby tree totally unfazed by the presence of humans and elephants. The wild bulls broke a record of attendance of this season. Forty two wild bulls were present and had to take bath and water in turns since they could not fit in at the same time. The orphans used one end for mud bath while the wild dogs used another end as the bulls occupied the centre. Namalok had fun riding on Pare while Karisa enjoyed riding on Mteto. Olsekki and Enkikwe charged at a wild dog that came too close to them. The two boys only quit when the wild dog stood its ground and just watched them. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse on the western side of Ithumba Hill. In the evening Sapalan, who never gets tired of feeding, took a break this time and spent some time in a lone soil dusting exercise.

Wild dogs

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   8, 2018 All the orphans had a very good long night’s rest. Shukuru was the leader today but she just walked so fast and did not wait for her friends because she was being followed by the naughty boys. Ziwa, Jasiri and their friend Ngasha were in a very playful mood and they all felt like play-fighting. Eventually the female elephants Zongoloni and Quanza came over and stood in the middle of them, trying to separate them so they would not fight any more.

At the waterhole the tractor came and put some more water in the trough for the orphans but also all their wild friends in the Kibwezi Forest. It is so hot at the moment and we want to make sure everyone has enough water and somewhere to wallow. Lima Lima could not wait for her mud bath time. As soon as she saw the tractor coming loaded with fresh water bowser to refill the waterholes, she went and stood right next to it. She even put her trunk right in to get fresh water and then got down on the ground to get all nice and muddy too.

Mwashoti dustbathing

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