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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 PANDA  Female  Monday, August 2, 2010 Mgeno Ranch  about 2 years old  Was seen alone by the Mgeno Ranch staff  Poaching 

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1/30/2019 - It was a wonderful morning with the orphan elephants leaving the stockade as soon as the milk and supplement feeding was over. Tundani and Bada led them towards the southern side of Msinga Hill, near the stockade HQ office, to begin the days browsing activities. Ndotto, Ngilai, Ndii and Suswa couldnít be bothered to go all around the stockade terrace following the safe foot path to join their friends, and chose instead to climb up the stockade terrace to get to the rest of the group. Once there Ngilai lay down on the ground and rolled around celebrating what they had achieved.

The orphan elephant spent the morning browsing in small groups with Mbegu and Murit staying close together while Ndotto, Lasayen and Ngilai did the same as they all browsed their way to the baobab tree waterhole. After a wonderful noon mud and dust bath the orphans joined a wild herd that had come for a drink. Mashariki went forward and invited them to join the orphan herd with the intention of trying to steal away a wild elephant calf. At the same time the wild herd managed to absorb Tahri into their group which complicated matters. Ishaq-B came in to get Tahri back and was engaged in a play fight by a teenage female who wanted to prevent her from taking Tahri away. Kihari, Ndii, and Bada came in to support Ishaq-B and together they succeeded in getting Tahri back. The four also managed to steal the wild calf away but three teenage members of the wild herd coming to reclaim their youngster sibling while also engaging Panda, Nelion and Bada in a wrestling match. The two herds browsed together for about an hour before separating and going their separate ways.

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 Panda drinking water Panda once back at the Voi stockades
Panda drinking water
photo taken on 7/31/2012
Panda once back at the Voi stockades
photo taken on 7/29/2012


A lone Elephant Calf of approximately 2 years old had first been seen by the Community of Mgeno Ranch (abutting Tsavo National Park) on the l8th July 2012. The Trustís Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit was alerted and our Voi Keepers immediately went to the site to try and rescue the calf. Darkness fell without them being able to locate the baby, and so they returned back to Voi empty handed. They did leave instructions with the Ranch staff to contact them immediately should they sight the calf again. On the 20th July the calf reappeared, still alone and emaciated and quite obviously an orphan, extremely lucky to have not fallen prey to predators. She is most certainly a poaching victim as incidents of poaching within the adjacent ranches to Tsavo National Park have been very bad in recent months. The Trustís Voi Rescue Team along with KWS were alerted a second time. The calf, a female of about 2 years old, very thin and weak and almost in a state of collapse by the time the rescuers arrived was literally on her last legs by the time they arrived. Upon arrival at the Voi Stockades to was helped to her feet and she took rehydration and later milk. She was given the name Panda to identify the specific place from whence she was rescued, a raised region of the Ranch known by that name. It was decided that Panda would remain at Voi and be raised there due to her age, and not be flown to the Nairobi Nursery. Instead she is to be raised in Voi amidst the Voi older orphans, who already have imparted much love and comfort. For Panda the Voi area remains familiar, not too far from where she was living a wild life, and she is once again united by a loving elephant family, to Voi Orphans who understand what she has been through and who will look to heal her emotional scars. With each passing day she grows stronger.

The Keepers tie the orphan in order to transport her to the Voi stockades  Loading the orphan in the vehicle to transport her to Voi

Panda once back at the Voi stockades

Soon after her arrival at the Voi stockades, there was another Elephant Rescue called for, also from Tsavo, of a yearling calf subsequently named Bomani so on this day our Voi Keepers certainly had their hands full. Credit to them for doing a wonderful job, and to all those whose actions helped save these two precious lives.

A keeper cleaning Panda's stable  Panda on the left next to Bomani, both rescued on the same day

Panda drinking water


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