Adopt a rescued orphan

Adopt an orphan elephant or rhino and help us save endangered animals in Kenya.

When you adopt an orphaned elephant or rhino for yourself or a loved one, you can help support animals that have lost their families and are now completely reliant on our human caregivers. Rescued orphan elephants are offered sanctuary at our Nursery where they receive require round-the-clock milk feeds, nurturing Keeper and veterinary care. By adopting an orphan in our care, you will be helping to ensure the survival of these fragile babies and supporting their future, alongside that of their entire species.

From as little as US$50 a year, your adoption will include:


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Help us save endangered species by adopting an orphan in our care.
Adopt an orphan

Why do elephants need your help?

Elephants are endangered and face an existential threat from habitat loss and poaching. It is estimated that less than 400,000 elephants remain in Africa and these animals are under pressure from agricultural development, roads and railways. The result? Elephants are under threat like never before.

Since 1977, we have worked to save iconic African species, including elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes, leopards and so many more. Best known for our work to rescue, raise, and rewild orphaned animals, we have supported the care of over 320 elephants and 19 black rhinos. These individuals go on to reclaim a wild life when grown and many will start a family. As of 2024, we know of 61 wild-born babies - elephants born to orphans we raised and reintegrated back into a protected area.

Today, we further support our Orphans' Project and Kenya's wildlife by funding veterinary treatments to save injured wildlife, protecting critical habitats to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and secure a long-term space for wild animals, and patrolling to deter illegal activities including poaching, charcoal burning, and logging.

By adopting an orphan elephant or rhino, you are not only helping the orphans in our care, you are helping to save endangered spaces and secure the habitats they need for the future.

Meet some of the orphans in our care


Toto is our woolly-mammoth look-alike. He was rescued by another herd of elephants, who brought the lone, vulnerable baby directly to us for help. Toto’s Keepers report that he loves to cuddle and has the most playful personality.


Before her rescue, Raha suffered devastating injuries to her rear-end, caused by a predator attack. Following multiple operations in our care, she has healed wonderfully. She adores ear scratches, comforting tummy rubs and suckling on her Keepers’ trousers.


Talek must have been so lonely before her rescue. The brave girl tried to fend for herself, seeking safety from a big bull. Certain she was an orphan, authorities allowed us to rescue her. Now part of our herd, she’s found love, connection and lots of nourishing milk.

Adopt an orphan

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