A gift that saves lives

Whether its a gift to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary or graduation, an adoption will make a truly unique and treasured gift.

When you adopt an orphaned elephant or rhino for your loved one, your gift will support animals in need that have lost their families and are now completely reliant on our human caregivers. Orphaned infant animals require round-the-clock milk feeds, nurturing Keeper and veterinary care so they can survive, as well as a secure place to thrive. Your gift adoption can enable the Trust to care for these orphaned babies and, best of all, help these animals one day return to the wild where they belong.

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Why do elephants need your help?

Elephants are endangered and face an existential threat from habitat loss and poaching. Only 450,000 animals remain across Africa and these animals are under pressure from agricultural development, roads and railways. It means elephants are under threat like never before.

We have worked in the field in Kenya for over 40 years to save iconic species like elephants and rhinos. Today we fund veterinary treatments to save injured elephants, protect critical habitats and patrol to stop poachers. We also educate communities about the importance of wildlife and we rescue orphaned calves that would not survive without their mothers or herds. By adopting an orphan elephant for your loved one, you’ll help us save wild lives and secure their habitats for the future.

Meet some of the orphans in our care


Rokka was found as a lonely infant, all alone in a thicket. She was extremely gaunt and skinny and was rescued just in time, before she succombed to starvation. Day by day, she is looking healthier and putting on condition thanks to dedicated Keeper care and plenty of specialist formula milk. She might be small but her caregivers report she is full of spunky personality.


Kerrio is a very special individual with some equally unique needs: upon rescue, we discovered that she was barely able to walk, let alone put weight, on her hind legs. Day by day, she grows stronger and we have been inspired by her happy and energetic personality. Her Keepers report she loves to cuddle.


Young Surogoi was rescued after her mother died of natural causes. It is still very early days for this female calf who has seen her whole world turn upside down and her Keepers report she is very timid and shy. But slowly and surely, she is adjusting to her new home and coming out of her shell.

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