Protecting Our Home

“All life has but one home, the earth — and we, as the dominant species, must take care of it.” Dame Daphne Sheldrick

Home. So much lives within a single word. Home is more than a place; it is everything we hold sacred. It is the genesis of all life.

Daphne Sheldrick felt a deep reverence for our natural world. She believed it was up to us to be guardians of the wild, protecting the earth we share, and providing a family for creatures who have lost their own. That belief inspired her to found the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in 1977 — and 45 years on, it continues to shape everything we do.

We are proud to be one of Africa’s oldest wildlife charities, working in the field to face the threats of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. In the past 45 years, our conservation projects have helped to transform wild spaces and secure them for generations to come. As we embark on the next chapter, we are calling upon you to join us as a Guardian of the Wild.

Become a Guardian of the Wild

Your donation will help protect our natural world and the place endangered species call home. Just $20 can help fund vital foot patrols in conservation areas that need protection.

Protecting our Shared Home

With your support, we can continue to expand and evolve, securing more habitats and saving the creatures who call them home. Working on the frontlines of conservation, we are keenly aware of the formidable challenges to overcome: Habitats are shrinking at alarming rates, while climate change, human-wildlife conflict, and poaching take their toll on species great and small.

We face formidable challenges, and yet, we are capable of extraordinary impact. We are reminded of this each and every day: We see it in habitats that were once degraded beyond recognition, but are now blossoming with life; in every successful veterinary treatment and anti-poaching patrol. And of course, we see it in our orphaned elephants, creatures who were rescued on the brink of death but have gone on to grow up and reclaim their place in the wild.


Years protecting our wild home and natural world in Kenya

5 million+

Acres of wilderness protected in the Tsavo Conservation Area


Anti-Poaching Teams, and hundreds of rangers, on patrol


Animals attended to by our Six SWT/KWS Mobile Vet Units


Orphaned elephants successfully raised and given a second chance


Trees planted to replenish forests and create habitats for wildlife

As a Guardian of the Wild, you make all this possible.

Your support allows us to protect our home and forge a sustainable future for all creatures.

Our Global Community of Guardians help us:

Save Lives

We are pioneers in the rescue of orphaned elephants, rhinos, and other creatures, nurturing them with specialist care until they are reintegrated into a protected wilderness.

Secure Habitats

Through ambitious habitat preservation initiatives, we are protecting threatened wildernesses and providing viable solutions for the challenges of today’s increasingly developed world.

Create a Sustainable Future

We take an integrated approach to conservation, operating eight key programs that work in tandem to ensure a sustainable future for wildlife and the communities who live alongside them.

How your donations can be used to help wildlife

US$6 funds a milk feed for one of the rescued orphan elephants
US$20 provides 40 saplings as we replenish forests and mangroves
US$40 buys a pair of boots for a ranger, patrolling to prevent wildlife crime
US$50 provides a Nursery elephant’s formula milk feeds for 24 hours

Together, we can protect our planet for the benefit of all species

Our home should be a place of sanctuary. Whether you setup a regular monthly gift, or make a one-off donation, you can help us protect and secure a home for wild creatures.

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