Christmas Adoptions

Fostering a love and connection to our natural world

Delight a loved one - and support the life of a rescued orphan elephant or rhino this Christmas - by gifting them an adoption.

The holiday season is a time for miracles. As you search for meaningful ways to celebrate with loved ones, consider the gift of an adoption. If this year has taught us anything, it is that we must treasure and nurture our natural world. An adoption does just that, allowing us to save Kenya's orphaned elephants and rhinos, and secure the habitats they will one day call home.

For just US$50, your Christmas Gift adoption includes the following for the recipient:

Personalised Christmas gift adoption certificate

Monthly updates about their orphan

Monthly water colour by Angela Sheldrick

Access to exclusive content; including photos and video

Our unique adoption program offers you the ability to digitally gift wrap an orphan in our care and send it to a loved this Christmas. They’ll become a part of our Orphans’ Project, which exists to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned elephants, rhinos and giraffes that would otherwise not survive. With 97 orphans currently reliant on us, your gifted adoption will help us meet their everyday needs, so that when they are grown they can reclaim their birthright, a life in the wild. Following in the footsteps of more than 160 orphans that have gone before them and are now living wild in Tsavo.

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