Keepers' Diaries, August 2020

Nairobi Nursery Unit

Olorien and Ziwadi make for a very sweet pair. Olorien seems to thoroughly enjoy spending time with Ziwadi and she can often be seen looking for her friend when they are leaving the stockade compound, or out and about in the forest. Ziwadi has a very calm temperament and Olorien enjoys that, as she can be quite shy around the more energetic orphans. Larro enjoys looking after both Olorien and Ziwadi too; perhaps because she sleeps in between the two youngsters she has developed a special attachment to them both, and she often accompanies them to browse nowadays. Nabulu has a special soft spot for Olorien too, and is especially protective of the little girl when she napping; this is when Nabulu is sure to stay close to her, keeping her safe from roughhousing bulls.

01 August 2020

Kiasa is not always mischievous and she often does enjoy having some innocent fun with her Nursery friends. This morning, as Maktao and Larro were finishing their 9am bottles of milk, Kiasa decided to start a wrestling game with Mukkoka. They could be seen chasing each other around the milk feeding area and pushing one another, emitting low rumbles. As all the orphans finished their milk the Keepers began calling them back to the forest, and this meant that Kiasa’s game with Mukkoka didn’t carry on for much longer as they both began to follow the Keepers. 

Despite their game ending, Kiasa was still full of energy and was charging all about the forest in excitement. Eventually she settled and the orphans had a lovely calm day browsing in the forest. 

02 August 2020

It was a chilly morning when the elephant orphans were making their way out to the forest and as a result Maxwell the rhino seemed to be having a lazy morning, and remained in his bed until around 9am. As he had such a decent lie in, he appeared to be full of energy when he eventually came out of his room, and he walked straight up to his Lucerne pellets that had already been put out for him. As the morning began to warm up, Maxwell could be seen chomping down his pellets in the morning rays. 

When he had his fill of pellets, he came down to his water trough and had a big gulp of water before heading over to his fresh greens. He spent most of his morning eating his greens and when the midday sun hit, he walked over to a shady part of his stockade where he enjoyed a nap. 

In the afternoon, as the day started to cool down again, Max could be seen pacing up and down his stockade, getting his steps in. When his fresh greens were brought in for him, he was quick to head over and eat the acacia branches, which are his favourite. Later in the evening he settled down in his bedroom and slept through the night. 

03 August 2020

This morning, as the orphans arrived out in the forest, Ziwadi, Larro and Olorien all headed off together to browse close to one another. Olorien and Ziwadi seem to enjoy following Larro as she is always so gentle with them and Larro seems to enjoy their company as he has become an excellent nanny to the Nursery orphans. The rest of the Nursery herd were not too far away also browsing. 

Maisha, Nabulu and Naleku were all browsing near each other when Naleku suddenly decided to start a wrestling game with Roho. They seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and Naleku appeared to be very pleased to show off her strength against Roho, who is slightly bigger than her in size. Maisha was close by, making sure that their game did not get out of hand. 

After the orphans finished their midday bottles of milk, Larro and Mukkoka led the orphans back out to the forest. The orphans enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the forest with their Keepers. 

04 August 2020

This morning, Kiasa, Naboishu, Mukkoka and Nabulu were the first to come running out of their stockades ready to head off to the forest. They seemed to be rather impatient as they kept rumbling at the other orphans to hurry up, and when they realised that the others were in no rush, they decided to leave them behind and began heading off towards the forest. They settled just near the top of Maxwell’s stockade where they began to browse on some of the greens. 

Maxwell, who has such acute hearing, immediately heard them at the top of his stockade and walked straight over to see what was going on. He could be seen smelling the orphans and when he realised that it was just them, he walked back down to his Lucerne pellets where he continued to feed. 

After a couple of minutes, the rest of the Nursery herd came up with their Keepers and they soon joined Kiasa, Naboishu, Mukkoka and Nabulu out in the forest. The orphans had a lovely day browsing in the forest. 

05 August 2020

Olorien seems to thoroughly enjoy spending time with Ziwadi and she can often be seen looking for her friend when they are leaving the stockade compound or out and about in the forest. Ziwadi has a very calm temperament and Olorien enjoys that, as she can be quite shy around the more energetic orphans. After they finish their milk bottles they will often head off and start browsing together straight away, as the other orphans enjoy their milk bottles and hanging around the milk wheelbarrow.

The orphans enjoyed their afternoon bottles of milk down by the mud bath today. Roho and Naleku came charging down, with Maisha not too far behind them, and they all gulped down their milk. As Maisha was finishing her second bottle, Roho and Naleku began a wrestling match and were pushing each other all around the mud bath. As soon as Maisha finished her second bottle she quickly came over and separated them as she could see they were getting a little rough. After all the orphans finished their milk, they were all lead back to the forest by their Keepers where they spent the remainder of their afternoon. 

06 August 2020

Kiasa seemed to be in one of her naughty moods today and when it was time for the orphans to have their afternoon bottles of milk, she became quite the troublemaker. As she had finished her bottles, before some of the other orphans, she came back to the Keepers insisting to get some more milk. The Keepers kept chasing her away, but she would quickly turn back and try again. Poor Mukkoka and Roho, who were still drinking their milk, got caught in all the commotion as Kiasa pushed them both away trying to get to their bottles. The Keepers then became very stern with Kiasa and ushered her far away from all the orphans so that Mukkoka, Naleku and Roho could finish their milk in peace.  

Once the orphans had all finished their milk, they made their way back to the forest where they could continue browsing. Once Kiasa had calmed down, she joined the Nursery herd who were already browsing on some of their favourite greens. The orphans browsed until it was time to come back to the stockade compound in the evening. 

07 August 2020

This morning as the orphans were out in the forest, Mukkoka, Nabulu and Kiasa all seemed to be agitated. As the rest of the Nursery herd were busy browsing, all three of them could be seen running back and forth trumpeting and flapping their ears. Their Keepers knew that something was wrong, and they decided to slowly walk around to have a look at what they had seen and what was disturbing them. As the Keepers came around the corner, they spotted a lone buffalo browsing. As soon as the buffalo saw the Keepers he quickly ran off into the distance, leaving the elephant orphans in peace. As soon as the buffalo was gone, Mukkoka, Nabulu and Kiasa all calmed down.

Larro, Naboishu, Roho and Naleku had a lovely day browsing near each other and they spent most of their day following Maisha and Kiasa wherever they moved. The orphans had such a busy day browsing that they only paused when it was time for them to have their milk and head back to the stockades in the evening. 

08 August 2020

Maxwell was in quite the active mood this morning as he woke quite early and began to do his rounds around his stockade. He first walked over to his Lucerne pellets where he enjoyed a light bite before heading over to lie in the sun. He appeared to be having the best time in the sun, rolling around and soaking up all the heat of the morning. 

After a decent amount of time in the sun, Maxwell decided to head over to the forested-side of his stockade where he could browse on some of the fresh vegetation found there. He could be heard walking through the long grass and munching away on some of his favourite greens. When he was done feasting, he relaxed in the shade. He is still exploring and learning the layout of this latest extension to his stockade which, due to his blindness, will take some time. 

09 August 2020

Naboishu still remains the noisiest out of the orphans when it is milk feeding time. Throughout the day, he has been exceptionally loud for each of his milk feeds. As soon as he hears the Keepers radios going, he starts to rumble and trumpet, as if to let his Keepers know he is ready to run down for his milk. The Keepers sometimes have a hard time keeping him back as he always eager to head off first. 

As soon as Naboishu is given the okay to run down for his milk, he is off in a flat sprint and the other orphans including Mukkoka don’t always manage to keep up with him. His Keepers always must brace themselves as he doesn’t always slow down in time, and you can often see the Keepers standing back giving Naboishu that space to stop. Once he has finished his milk, he is still the quietest and most shy little bull, who happily follows the rest of the Nursery herd. 

10 August 2020

Kiombo and Maktao have become very close friends and being neighbours, they are often seen together throughout the day browsing near one another and wrestling each other. Kiombo and Maktao are both calm bulls and they show a lot of respect for the other orphans, more so than even Kiasa and Nabulu at times. Kiombo has a close relationship with Nabulu too and will often be seen browsing near her. 

Throughout the day, Kiombo chose to browse with Maktao and Nabulu and spent most of his day in their company. When it was time for the orphans to have their milk, Kiombo, Maktao and Nabulu would all arrive together and would all gulp down their milk near one another before making their way back to the forest. They were even seen walking together when it was time for the orphans to return to the stockade compound in the evening.

11 August 2020

It was a sunny morning as all the orphans were let out their stockades to make their way to the forest accompanied by their Keepers. As the orphans were headed towards the forest, they all stopped to browse on the bushes that were just behind Maxwell’s stockade. Maxwell, who was already awake and walking about, immediately heard the orphans and came walking over to see what was causing all the noise. As he smelt around, you could see him completely relax once he realised that it was just the orphans browsing. 

Once Maxwell was done smelling the elephant orphans, he quickly turned and kicked up some dust as if he were marking his territory and then carried down to his bottom stockade where his fresh greens were. 

The orphans and Maxwell all had a very long day in the sun and when it got to about 6pm, most of them seemed ready to go to sleep, and Maxwell even walked back into his bedroom. 

12 August 2020

Maisha, Naleku and Roho are all close friends and do spend quite a bit of time together whist out in the forest. This afternoon, when the orphans were coming down for their 3pm bottles of milk, Maisha, Naleku and Roho all arrived together and when the two little ones finished their milk, Maisha led them away from the milk feeding point. This then made way for the other orphans coming down to have their milk. 

Olorien can sometimes be very greedy at milk feeding times and today at 3pm was one such instance. Once she had finished her bottle of milk, she refused to leave the milk feeding point and kept trying to sneak past the Keepers to the wheelbarrow or walk closer to the orphans feeding. One of the Keepers eventually led her away with some small branches. Larro and Naboishu were the last to have their bottles this afternoon and this made Naboishu shout even louder in anticipation for his milk. 

Once all the orphans had finished their milk, they stayed quite close to the stockades, browsing in the forest. At 5pm the orphans walked back to the stockade compound with their Keepers. 

13 August 2020

After the orphans had their midday bottles of milk, Ziwadi and Olorien decided to go on their own little adventure and wandered off as some of the other orphans were still finishing their milk. The Keepers were keeping a watchful eye over them as they didn’t want them to walk too far away from the others. As the orphans were finishing up their milk, one of the Keepers headed off after Ziwadi and Olorien who were both eager to get to their favourite greens. They had walked so far ahead that the Keeper had to even get them to slow down so the other orphans could catch up. 

After some minutes, the rest of the herd had caught up with the two little girls. Ziwadi continued to walk off on her own looking for all her favourite greens and the Keepers kept having to follow her and usher her back to the Nursery herd, whom were all happily browsing in the forest. 

The orphans had a wonderful afternoon browsing in the forest before heading back to their stables and stockades for the evening. 

14 August 2020

The orphans all seemed to be in a good mood as they came out of their stables this morning. Larro and Maktao seemed to be in an especially playful mood when they got to the forest. They were bouncing around, chasing each other around the forest and then they started their own wrestling game. As Maktao is bigger in size, he is always sure to play gently with Larro, unlike when he challenges Kiombo and Mukkoka who are both stronger and bigger in size.

Their game carried on for a couple of minutes, before Nabulu came over and interrupted their game. Nabulu does enjoy spending time with Larro and today she seemed particularly eager to do so. Larro was also quite happy to browse near both Nabulu and Maktao. 

Maisha was very busy this morning watching over Naleku, Olorien and Roho, making sure they were all happy and keeping a watchful eye over them as they browsed. Roho always remaining right by her side. 

15 August 2020

This morning, the orphans seemed to be in a big hurry to get out to the forest so that they could start browsing. They were so impatient that some of them didn’t even wait for their Keepers as they were already up at the top of the stockade compound browsing. Olorien, however, seemed to be have her own ideas of what she would like to do, and she headed straight down to the milk mixing areas where she appeared to be greedily asking her Keepers for more milk. As it was not yet time for her next bottle, the Keepers quickly ushered her back to the rest of the Nursery orphans. 

When it was time for the orphans to have their 9am bottles of milk, Olorien was very eager to be amongst the first orphans to run down and the Keepers were more than happy to let her run down first with some of the others. The orphans gulped down all their milk before heading back into the forest to browse. 

16 August 2020

Maxwell was up early again this morning and was out and about ready to greet the orphans as they were coming out of their stables. He will generally walk over to one gate and see if any of the elephant orphans are about and if they aren’t, he will carry on with his normal morning routine. This morning as the orphans were slowly coming out their stables, Maxwell seemed to be losing interest in waiting and he quickly turned and headed over to his greens where he began to munch away on his different branches and shuffling them around with his head, flicking different branches away with his horn. 

When he was finished sorting and eating his greens he walked up to his top stockade where his Keepers had laid out his Lucerne pellets. After having his fill of pellets, he went and lay down in the morning sun, warming himself up. 

17 August 2020

It was a sunny morning as the orphans made their way out for the day. As the orphans arrived in the forest, Ziwadi and Olorien immediately went off looking for their favourite greens and their own quiet spot to browse. They are quite persistent, especially Ziwadi, and will continuously try throughout the day to head off to the areas where she knows she can find the greens she loves. The Keepers, however, are also used to her wandering ways and they will now always keep an eye on her, making sure she doesn’t go too far.

Ziwadi loves her greens so much that she sometimes doesn’t take note that it is time for the orphans to have their next bottle of milk and today she was nowhere to be seen when it was time for the orphans to head down and have their 11am bottles of milk. The Keepers could see her just off in the distance happily browsing and flicking her tail about, and one of them had to walk over and call her to come and get her milk. Once Ziwadi was back with the other Nursery orphans they all made their way down to the milk feeding point in small groups.

When the orphans finished their milk, they were led back to the forest by their Keepers, where they had a lovely afternoon browsing. 

18 August 2020

After the orphans had their midday bottles of milk, they all headed off back to the forest. Maisha and the Keepers led the orphans to one of their normal browsing spots. As the orphans settled to browse, Roho, Kiasa, Kiombo, and Nabulu all became a little playful and began to roll around on the ground in the dust. Roho appeared to be having the best time rolling around and climbing on Kiasa’s back. Roho seems to have learnt this from Maktao who is also always fond of play mounting on his friends. 

Nabulu continues to dote on little Olorien and make sure that she is okay. Nabulu is especially protective of the little girl when she napping and this is when Nabulu is sure to stay close to her, keeping her safe. 

Maxwell has loved his mud baths recently and has enjoyed covering his entire body in mud before continuing to browse. Like the elephants, the mud is also important for his skin to protect him from the sun and some of the bugs, such as flies. 

19 August 2020

It was another cold morning at the Nairobi Nursery with heavy showers throughout the night, and the elephant babies were not too excited to leave the warmth of their stables and head off to the forest. Mukkoka, Naleku, Naboishu, Roho, Kiasa, Larro and Maisha were all standing in their stables rumbling at their Keepers and refusing to come out. The Keepers decided to leave them for a couple of minutes and let them decide to come of their own accord; once they saw some of the other orphans such as Nabulu, Maktao, and Kiombo heading off to the forest with Ziwadi and Olorien not too far behind, eventually, they all decided to come out of their stables but instead of walking in a line, they were all huddled together, keeping each other warm as they came up the path. Once the orphans were all out in the forest, smaller orphans such as Naleku, Roho, Ziwadi, and Olorien were all huddled under some of the older orphans, keeping warm under the older orphans’ bellies. Maisha, Maktao, Mukkoka, Nabulu, Larro and Kiasa were all happily looking after the younger orphans but Naboishu and Kiombo were far too excited and playful. The two bulls were too busy pushing each other around the forest to worry about the little ones. 

As the bulls were being playful, Ziwadi and Olorien walked over to their Keepers. They seem to both prefer to stay close to their Keepers when the boys are being very boisterous. The orphans had a quiet day browsing in the forest. 

20 August 2020

It was a lovely warm day and the Keepers decided to take the orphans down to the mud bath for their 3pm bottles of milk. As the orphans were finishing their bottles of milk, Naleku and Roho walked straight over to the mud bath and started to splash themselves with mud. Maisha, Kiasa, Larro, Kiombo, Mukkoka, and Nabulu were all quick to join them as they all quickly entered the muddy waters and began to roll around to cool down. Ziwadi and Olorien decided to keep their distance and browse instead, while Maktao and Naboishu decided to remain on the edge of the mud bath randomly splashing themselves with mud. 

As the orphans were splashing around, Kiasa and Maisha seemed to notice that Roho was a little stuck and they immediately rushed over to help him. It was amazing to watch them wrap their trunks around him, helping him manoeuvre himself through the mud and slowly make his way out. Once they were all successfully out of the mud, Roho appeared to take no notice as he quickly ran over to the dust mounds and began to roll around in the soil. He was soon joined by Kiasa and the others. As soon as Kiasa lay down Roho began to playfully climb on her back. 

Naboishu appeared to also be in a playful mood as he too decided to try and playfully climb on Kiasa’s back. Unfortunately, due to his size and weight, Kiasa was not so eager to play for that long and she quickly got back up. 

Once the orphans were finished rolling around, they made their way back up to the forest for their afternoon browsing activities before heading back to the stockades. 

21 August 2020

It was another chilly morning as the orphans made their way to the forest. Most of the orphans weren’t too excited about heading out and they were rather quiet, huddled together as they browsed. Mukkoka, Kiombo, and Maktao, however, were all in playful moods and chasing and wrestling each other around the forest. They were all so eager to wrestle one another that they kept changing between one another. They were having such fun that Maktao even began rolling around in one of the dust mounds and as he did so, Mukkoka tried to climb on his back whilst Kiombo tried to wrestle them both. Their games continued well into the morning. 

Just before the orphans were about to head down for their 9am bottles of milk, Roho and Naleku decided to start their own wrestling match. Naleku seemed to be winning this game, and this appeared to really upset Roho who began complaining and rumbling loudly. As soon as Maisha heard him complaining she came over to check on them both. As they wouldn’t stop disturbing each other Maisha decided to just stand between them making sure they both calmed down before heading down for their milk. 

The orphans had a lovely day browsing in Nairobi National Park. 

22 August 2020

After the orphans finished their 9am bottles of milk, Larro and Roho started a strength testing match against each other. Although younger in age, Roho's size enables him to play these games with some of the older orphans and he appears to thoroughly enjoy them. Larro has become such a great nanny, and she is always more than happy to fill in for the older girls, giving them a break from looking after the younger babies. Their games continued for quite some time, before the Keepers directed all the orphans further into the forest. 

Maktao is like a gentle uncle to the younger orphans as he is never one to push them away when they get close to them. Roho, Naleku, Ziwadi and Olorien all enjoy spending time with him, whereas they can be cautious around Kiombo and Naboishu whom can both be rather rambunctious. This afternoon after the orphans had their 3pm bottles of milk, Maktao and Naleku were peacefully dust bathing near one another. Maktao was being so gentle with the little girl, that he even allowed her to use the soil that he had dug up. It is always special for the Keepers to watch these interactions between the orphans. 

23 August 2020

Although amongst the youngest in the Nursery, Olorien and Ziwadi have always been quite independent and they seem to enjoy doing their own things as well as spending time with different orphans from the Nursery herd. Olorien, since her arrival, has always been quite close to Ziwadi and they seem to both enjoy each other’s company as they both so often enjoy wandering off and doing their own thing. 

Roho on the other hand, takes full advantage of all the attention he can get from the older females and he seems to know exactly what to do to get it even if it means disturbing little Naleku and Olorien. This afternoon as Olorien and Naleku were browsing Roho came over and he began to mischievously push Olorien. Naleku, who doesn’t stand for being pushed around, immediately defended Olorien and started pushing back at Roho, pushing him away from her. This seemed to upset Roho who suddenly shouted loudly for the older girls to come and help him. Maisha, Nabulu, Kiasa, and Larro all came running over and they were quick to separate them and usher Roho away from the girls, leaving them in peace. 

24 August 2020

As the orphans were getting ready to leave their stables, some dark clouds rolled in and it began to drizzle. As it was quite chilly the Keepers decided to leave the orphans in their stable a little longer, waiting for the weather to hopefully clear a little. Mukkoka and Kiasa, however, were not happy with this decision as they could both be heard pushing at their stables doors, eager to head out to the forest for their early morning browse. The Keepers decided to open all the stable doors and let the orphans come out as they pleased. Mukkoka and Kiasa came barrelling out and dashed off towards the forest, with one of the Keepers keeping them company. The other orphans, however, were not in such a rush and they slowly came out one by one. 

Naleku was the first to brave the gloomy weather as she was eager to catch up to her friend Mukkoka and she was soon followed by her neighbour Roho. Roho first walked into Maisha’s stockade before they both came out and started making their way out to the forest. Once the orphans were all out in the forest, they spent most of their time under the tall trees, hiding from the drizzle and munching away on the fresh greens from the shrubs around. 

In the afternoon, Roho, Mukkoka and Naboishu had a fun game chasing a wag tail bird around the forest and trumpeting at each other as it kept flying away. The orphans had a quiet day browsing and staying close to each other. 

25 August 2020

As soon as Maxwell heard the orphans moving about this morning he was immediately up and about and making his way to his greens. He could be heard sorting through his greens and crunching down on the bark and the leaves. Maisha seemed to be watching him as her stockade is directly opposite his and as soon as her gate was opened she went walking over to his stockade to greet him. Maisha knocked at his gate as if she was trying to get his attention, and as soon as he heard her he came walking over to greet her. 

Within no time, Maisha was joined by Roho and Naleku who were also eager to greet their large friend and Roho kept trying to nuzzle Maxwell with his trunk. Whenever Naleku tried to nuzzle Max, Roho would push her away and this appeared to annoy Naleku who pushed back at him. Maisha eventually had to step in and separate the two of them, before leading them out to the forest. 

The orphans had a lovely day browsing around Nairobi National Park, only breaking to have their three hourly milk bottles. 

26 August 2020

Maktao is the gentlest of the bulls and he is always happy to spend time with any of the orphans at the Nursery. This morning as all the orphans were coming out of their stables, Maktao went over to greet Maisha and Larro who were standing near the younger orphans' stables. The three of them could be heard rumbling at one another as if they were warmly greeting each other. As Naleku, Roho, Olorien and Ziwadi were coming out of their rooms, they were each greeted by the three of them. 

Eventually Nabulu and Kiasa also came round to see what they were up to and as all the orphans were now out of their stables, Maisha started to lead them all towards the forest. When the orphans got out to the forest, they all began to browse and the boys began to chase each other around wrestling one another. Maktao kept trying to climb on Kiombo and Mukkoka, and they kept running off. Even Naboishu decided to get involved and he had a short wrestling match with Kiombo. 

27 August 2020

The Nairobi Nursery is visited by lots of different animals but the most common visitors of all are the warthogs. Some of the warthogs have even been born in the Nursery and the orphans have gotten quite used to them and they seem to enjoy having them around. The warthogs also seem to know the orphans now but they are always sure to run away when they hear the orphans charging down for their milk. 

This afternoon when the orphans were out in the forest, Naleku had a fun game with Maktao, Mukkoka and the warthogs. They were playing a game of hide and seek, where the orphans would chase the warthogs and then the warthogs would hide in the bushes. They played for quite a while but their game abruptly ended when Maktao accidentally bumped into Nabulu, which made her very cross as she turned on him and pushed him. Her reaction even scared the warthogs far away. 

Maisha, Kiombo, Kiasa, Larro and Roho all came running over to check on poor Maktao and Maisha quickly chased Nabulu away, as if to tell her off for hurting Maktao. Once Nabulu had moved off, Maktao got back to his feet and moved away with Kiombo. 

28 August 2020

Larro seemed to be in a quiet mood today and was not interested in getting involved in all the activities with the other orphans. Kiasa and Roho seemed to pick up on her mood as they kept checking on her throughout the day and keeping her company. At one point Kiasa even got her to play a brief wrestling game, pushing and chasing each other around the forest. When Kiasa saw that Larro’s mood had picked up, she decided to challenge Roho to a strength testing game, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Larro quietly moved away to give them space. 

Naboishu has also been getting more involved in the strength testing matches, and he too came over to join in the game with Kiasa and Roho. Kiasa was happy to let the two boys carry on the game as it is an important part of their growth and they appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Kiasa then walked back over to Larro and they browsed together whilst the boys played. 

29 August 2020

Naboishu can sometimes be a bit of a bully and push some of the smaller orphans around. Today, however, he was told off when he pushed Ziwadi. Ziwadi was happily browsing when suddenly Naboishu began to push her. Ziwadi yelled out as she got such a fright, and Maktao, Kiasa, Maisha and Nabulu all came running over. All of them were rumbling and trumpeting as if they were alerting the Keepers who were also quickly over to make sure Ziwadi was okay. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Larro appeared in a mad fury and she began chasing Naboishu away. Naboishu was then given a time out and only came back to the group a little bit later on. It is important that he learns not to bully the younger orphans. 

In the afternoon, Roho and Naleku had a lengthy mud bath together; they seemed to be having the best time as all the older orphans stood by watching over them. 

30 August 2020

Ziwadi and Olorien have spent the entire day together, browsing in each other’s company. They have a very special friendship and Ziwadi is always so gentle with the little girl and has been such a great comfort to her as she has gotten used to her life at the Nursery. 

Naboishu is quite a skittish character and the Keepers have recently noticed that he is not too fond of birds and butterflies. Whenever he sees a bird or butterfly, he charges after them, trumpeting and rumbling at them to chase them off. This afternoon after the orphans had their 3pm bottles of milk, a bird kept landing and he kept chasing it away. Not too far from him, Maktao and Kiombo were having a wrestling match. 

31 August 2020

It has warmed up quite a bit over the last few days and the orphans and Maxwell have been thoroughly enjoying it. Maxwell has especially been enjoying the sun and is now coming out of his bedroom nice and early as opposed to lying in. Today, he even came out and enjoyed a long mud bath; he covered every inch of his body and even lay submerged in the mud for quite some time. When he was done wallowing, he then walked around his stockade, scratching up against the walls. 

As it was such a hot day, the Keepers decided to take the orphans down to the mud bath areas for their 11am bottles of milk. As soon as they finished their bottles all the orphans charged into the mud bath and began to cover themselves in mud. Roho was having so much fun climbing on Maisha’s back and rolling around and Maisha was enjoying it just as much. 

Naboishu seemed to be rather excited for his mud bath too as he kept trumpeting and rumbling at full volume, as if to let everyone know he was having the best time.