Keepers' Diaries, June 2014

Nairobi Nursery Unit

On the 4th of June everyone at DSWT celebrated Daphne’s 80th birthday. It was a wonderful day with Daphne making it home from hospital in time to enjoy her special day. There were feasts for everybody and at 3pm all of the staff along with all the orphans congregated down at the mudbath area. Arruba took charge of the little ones, but Murera tried her best to usurp that role on this day. After the orphans had taken their milk the staff enjoyed and shared birthday cake. We are all so touched by the numerous birthday cards, messages and gifts that came from around the world on this auspicious day. Thank you all.. The month of June saw a further seven Nursery Orphans graduate to their new stockades. At the beginning of the month Vuria, Garzi and Ziwa made the long journey to Ithumba to begin their slow transition into the wild. They coped very well with the move, and it seemed the trip didn’t stress them at all as they have settled into the routine at Ithumba with ease. Later on in the month Murera, Sonje, Quanza, Zongoloni and Lima Lima ventured off to greener pastures when they moved down to the brand new third relocation unit that is Umani Springs in the Kibwezi Forest, Part of the Chyulu National Park ecosystem. Murera was incredibly calm throughout the whole loading proceedure and travel, and behaved perfectly along the way which was a great relief, because she is a large elephant, and with her compromised leg we certainly did not want any drama that could possibly aggravate her condition. Quanza and Sonje however, who both throughout the training process never set foot on the truck, had to be put to sleep in order to be loaded. Little Lima Lima and Zongoloni were too tempted by their bottles to care otherwise and simply walked into the truck without a second glance. After months of preparation the new Umani Springs establishment looks amazing, and has everything meticulously in place and we hope will offer a wonderfully practical option for our slightly impaired elephants, Sonje and Murera. They will have plenty of browse, water and access to wild elephants all within easy reach. Their special friends Lima Lima, Zongonloni and Quanza who whilst are able bodied, have joined them in this unique environment. Lima Lima in particular has really taken to her new surroundings and from the moment she stepped from the truck she reveled in all the new experiences and rushed around exploring every inch of her new home. Her excitement really rubbed off on the other four who were a little more subdued to start with. Murera, the oldest of the group, seemed the most nervous, possibly because she has the more severe disability and could be insecure about the new terrain, but the other orphans and the keepers will help her adjust quickly and she will soon thrive in her new home.

01 June 2014

Very early this morning at around 3 am, the preparation for Vuria, Garzi and Ziwa’s move to Ithumba began. Everything, including their milk was loaded in the lorry for the long journey. Vuria, the greediest of these 3 boys, was the first onto the truck. He trustingly followed the keeper holding his milk bottle, directly into the cubicle, the door was closed and he comfortably continued drinking his favourite food, the milk formula! Garzi was loading next with no problems at all. However, when it was Ziwa’s turn, he was extremely suspicious and on arriving at the door promptly retreated backwards! He seemed confused as to why there were so many people around and did not feel at ease, eventually, however, he complied and boarded the truck. At about 3:30 am everyone was on board and the truck left for Tsavo. The remaining orphans didn’t seem to miss or worry about the three graduates and so the Nursery stockade was quiet for the rest of the night.

02 June 2014

The absence of Orwa, Teleki and Bomani has been felt even more this morning after the translocation of yet another 3 orphans, Vuria, Garzi and Ziwa, last night. Today out in the park the remaining orphans were very quiet indeed. Everyone remained together, browsing extremely close to the keepers, never letting them out of their sight! Even the braver of the orphans, who normally wonder off in small groups stayed in close proximity to the others. It was evident that Faraja, Jasiri and Quanza were feeling the loss of their orphan friends the most and seem to be wondering where they have gone. As Suswa’s neighbor, Ziwa has gone to Ithumba, she was moved from her stockade to a new room which was originally occupied by Teleki. She was not impressed with this move and complained bitterly throughout the night. It is hoped she will settle into her new stockade soon.

03 June 2014

Baby elephants are very sensitive and we can lose them at any time for any small medical issues. So we were very worried when baby Kamok showed signs of sickness. Initially we wondered if it was due to the chilly weather, she was shivering, falling down and running off in an odd fashion. We decided to remove the little ones from the 11am public viewing visit and did a blood test of Kamok immediately. It was confirmed that she was suffering from a bacterial infection, so treatment was started at once. The other orphans seem to be getting used to the absence of the graduates who left the nursery a few days ago. Today they seemed braver and ventured a little further away from the keepers during the browsing sessions. That said, they are still not completely comfortable and so always kept a close enough distance so that they could rush back to the keepers if needs be. Barsilinga and Kithaka have moved from the stables to the stockades. Kauro has moved into Kithaka’s old stable and Oltaiyoni taken over Barsilinga’s. Arruba has also moved, into Rorogoi’s and Quanza too has moved into Garzi’s place. None of these orphans have been impressed with moving out of their safety zones and complained a great deal, making lots of noise, wanting to be taken back to their own stables!

04 June 2014

It seems that Lemoyian is becoming quite naughty, showing off and being a bully to the little ones at the mud bath hour. Arruba, showing some matriarchal tendencies intervened when Lemoyian was charging around and pushed him out of the way. She then stayed close to the keepers taking care of Kauro, Ashaka, Mbegu and Kamok for the rest of the session. Lemoyian continued to be a thug and butted Sokotei down to the ground as he stood browsing happily! Poor little boy went down, rolling on the ground several times. At 3 pm all of the staff were invited down to the mud bath area. After the orphans had taken their milk the staff enjoyed and shared a cake for Daphne’s birthday. Yum! Arruba then took charge of the little ones, but Murera was not happy about that! She decided to push her way in and look after the youngsters herself! Mbegu however, is very attached to Arruba, she did not want to stay with Murera, instead she followed Arruba for company. Meanwhile, Kithaka continues to be a mischievous boy, he doesn’t take kindly to strangers and enjoys charging and driving guests away!

05 June 2014

Kauro enjoys spending time in the company of the older elephants rather than with his three little friends. Sonje and Murera give him the support he needs. Arruba wants to baby sit them, especially Mbegu. Lemoyian continues to be a problem and a nuisance by charging the little ones and all Kithaka wants to do is attempt to mount them! The keepers have to pay special attention when the Lemoyian and Kithaka are around the little ones. Kauro was in his element today as the whole family was together, he reveled in Sonje and Murera’s company, they offered him their ears to suck, so he got all the love and attention that a baby elephant boy needs!

06 June 2014

Balguda is proving to be a quiet well disciplined boy. Sometimes he keeps very much to himself and doesn’t interact much with his peers at all. But today was different, he engaged Barsilinga in some wrestling play! Barsilinga is one of the most humble and gentle of the orphan boys and he seems to know how to handle everyone around him. He accommodates the younger ones, weak and even the naughty ones, he is thoughtful and kind and it seems Balguda might have found a good team mate in Barsilinga. These two boys enjoyed a lengthy session of play, but Ngasha seemed a little jealous of the budding new friendship and he butted in separating the two.

07 June 2014

There was a great deal of drama at the mud bath this morning when Lemoyian decided he wanted more milk! He went over to the wheel barrow which was carrying the remaining milk bottles and began sucking up the split milk. This encouraged Sokotei to behave badly too and he joined Lemoyian at the wheel barrow. Lemoyian, however, was not willing to share and annoyingly shoved Sokotei, pushing the wheel barrow over, he then began to kick the milk bottles! What mischief! More chaos ensued when Zongoloni and Lima Lima engaged the wheel barrow in another attack! The wheel barrow was upturned, milk bottles strewn everywhere as these two greedy girls pushed each other around in the attempt to guzzle more milk. Zongoloni who was over powered by Lima Lima took her frustration out on Nelion who was having a quiet drink at the water trough. She pressed him down onto the trough which was very uncomfortable for Nelion as he always drinks water directly into his mouth.

08 June 2014

In a regular elephant herd, the older female will generally emerge as the overall matriarch and there is always an assistant to the matriarch. In our orphan herd, Murera is the matriarch but because of her disabilities she isn’t able to fulfill some of the responsibilities this label holds, therefore, Sonje steps in and sometimes takes over completely. Kithaka and Lemoyian continue to be the naughtiest boys, needing a great deal of discipline. This duty falls to the matriarch, but Murera is unable to physically control them, so luckily Sonje stepped in when at the 3pm private visiting time the naughty boys started pushing Sokotei and Oltayoni around. Sonje came to their defense, driving the two away, escorting them to the nearby bushes, returning back to console and cajole the young ones.

09 June 2014

Elephants, like humans, can assess the weight and strength of their peers. Sokotei and Oltaiyoni are almost the same size and on Sokotei’s arrival Oltaiyoni realized that her position as the smallest elephant among the big herd was about to be contested! She was jealous of him and aware that some of the love and attention she gets from the bigger elephants would now be lavished on Sokotei. She has therefore, not been very nice to him, pushing and bullying him. Initially, as he was quite weak, he didn’t fight back and instead always backed down, obviously aware that he didn’t have the strength to confront her. However, things have now begun to change! He has gained weight and is so much fitter that for the first time ever, he pushed her back, wrestling her in the field this morning. This continued at mud bath time when Sokotei came across Oltaiyoni who was eating some greens, he began charging and pushing her, eventually resulting in a big fight that the keepers had to intercept and control. Murera, Sonje, Quanza and Lima Lima have officially started truck loading training for their graduation to Umani Springs. Murera and Lima Lima didn’t seem at all worried, entering the truck and downing their milk with confidence. However, Sonje and Quanza feel very suspicious about the truck and are yet to actually board it!

10 June 2014

As the older orphans were browsing in some tickets a fair distance away from the keepers they unwittingly encroached on ex-oprhan Solio’s territory. She was sleeping peacefully, when the breaking of branches by the orphans woke her up! She wasn’t impressed, leapt up and started charging through the bushes, breathing heavily out of her nose, huffing and puffing towards the elephants. The orphans retreated quickly but clumsily, falling and tripping over themselves in an attempt to find shelter and safety with the keepers. From all the commotion, the keepers thought the orphans had stumbled upon a buffalo or wild rhino and not being sure the keepers couldn’t jump to the rescue. Murera as the matriarch initially ran in front, but then she stopped and let the others overtake her, checked nobody had been left behind, turned around to see who was spoiling her herd’s fun and charged back in the direction she had come. Ears flapping, emitting trumpeting noises, she was a fearsome sight! The keepers were now in a position to find out what was going on. Solio emerged from the bushes but Murera was unperturbed, defending her herd. The keepers shouted at Solio, to no avail and so decided to leave Murera to it! Solio backed down and was left in peace. She turned up at the stockade later that evening to see her friend Maxwell, but he didn’t give her any time! She seems to visit him too much of late, nearly every day this week, so he is less impressed by her appearances. The keepers are still having no luck with Sonje and Quanza’s training, they still refuse to enter the truck! Murera and Lima Lima however, continue to enjoy the experience as they earn an extra milk bottle each time!

11 June 2014

oday, during the public visiting hour naughty Kithaka suspiciously displayed a calm and relaxed character. After his milk he went to the loose earth area where he engaged in some soil dusting before pushing his forehead into the ground and putting one hind leg up in the air! A dramatic pose indeed, especially for the human visitors who enjoyed his drama a great deal. The keepers, however, stayed vigilant and alert as he is apt to behave badly surprisingly bumping into people! The attention then moved to Barsilinga and Lemoyian who engaged in some strength testing games. This went on a while, showing no signs of giving up, they pushed each other from one end of the rope to another. Finally Barsilinga overpowered Lemoyian and chased him round to the mud wallow and grabbed onto his tail! This made Lemoyian cry out and prompted the keepers to step in and end the antics!

12 June 2014

As the morning was a very chilly one the keepers decided to keep the little ones Kamok, Ashaka, Kauro and Mbegu inside their stables. They came out at the public viewing time for their 11 o’clock feed and joined Murera’s group of bigger orphans. Mbegu enjoyed this immensely, showing great interest in Murera, reaching up on tip toes to suckle Murera’s ears! Lovely Murera showed great patience and love towards Mbegu as she embraced her with her trunk. Kauro, the only boy in the babies group, enjoyed a moment of soil dusting, rolling around in the loose earth. Ashaka joined him, bumping and playing on the ground too, whilst Sonje and Zongoloni watched over them. Today, Solio didn’t turn up in the evening to see her Maxwell. It is the first time in days that she has not visited as she generally enjoys saying hello to her human and elephant friends too, whilst enjoying some tasty Lucerne.

13 June 2014

Lentili has always been a greedy member of the herd, rushing towards the keepers in an attempt to drink her milk first! She also enjoys sucking at the droplets of milk that have settled in the bottom of the wheelbarrow, desperate to extend the pleasure of milk. Lately however, the keepers have noticed her being a little more patient at milk times, waiting her turn and not pushing and squealing quite so much. Perhaps she is growing up and becoming a more composed and relaxed young lady. Rorogoi and Faraja have not been looking particularly well of late. The keepers have noticed that the two are less active and playful in the field. They didn’t seem to eat their greens well today either and have been passing loose dung. A check of their dung was carried out and it was discovered that both orphans are suffering from worms. This would explain their dull appearance and lack of luster.

14 June 2014

Due to yesterday’s discovery of worms in Faraja and Rorogoi’s stool, all the orphans received a dose of de-worming agent today to control further worm infections. Out in the field at around 2:30 pm this afternoon, Tundani noticed that Jasiri was busy digging out tasty roots from a shrub. Tundani wanted the tasty roots for himself and so went about finding a way to push Jasiri out of the way! Jasiri tried hard to block him, but eventually Tundani grabbed at Jasiri’s tail, biting it hard, resulting in a loud bellow of pain from Jasiri! This prompted Jasiri to walk unhappily away, leaving Tundani to forage for the tasty roots by himself.

15 June 2014

Over the past few days Suswa has been suffering from a sore under her eye. It has caused her a great deal of angst and pain. She hasn’t wanted to participate in games and has opted out of playing with the other orphans in fear that she will bump and hurt herself further. Eye solution has been administered and today it is evident that the eye is healing. It is looking much better and the keepers are sure that Suswa will be back to her normal lovely self soon. When the first group of orphans were running for their 11am milk feed this morning, Ngasha decided it would be a fun game to hold on to Balguda’s right hind leg with his trunk! Both elephants pushed and shoved in an attempt to be in front of the other, but eventually Balguda became annoyed by Ngasha’s ‘grabbing leg game’ and he turned around and poked Ngasha with his tusks! Poor Ngasha was very put out and he wondered off with a bruised ego! That said, they both later enjoyed guzzling their bottles of milk whilst standing next to each other.

16 June 2014

Throughout the day Lentili showed signs of discomfort and unrest. Her stomach was bloated and she wasn’t interested in her milk feed at all. She frequently rested whilst out in the browsing field and Mashiriki showed concern for Lentili, checking on her at regular intervals. The keepers administered Buscopan to help with her bloated, sore tummy and she soon began to feel better. Out in the field, Jasiri was again caught up in a wee tussle with another of the orphans. However, today Jasiri was the instigator, winding up Nelion! Nelion was busy minding his own business, browsing quietly when Jasiri jumped on him, butting him hard on the side of his head. This resulted in Nelion falling down and rolling over – an action that greatly upset him! Luckily Jasiri had run away quickly before Nelion could retaliate and eventually everything calmed down and Nelion resumed his browsing. Just after 6pm this evening Solio popped back to the stockade. She didn’t greet Maxwell however, and instead headed straight for her stockade. Maxwell followed her there and she finally said ‘Hello’ to him! She has been away for some time, so it is encouraging to see her back in such a fit healthy state.

17 June 2014

Young elephants have individual characters and personality traits, similar to those of human children. One day they are good friends, but the next they are not! Some like to have one special friend whilst others enjoy having lots of different friends. Some have a love / hate relationship, which is similar to the sort of friendship Lemoyian and Sokotei have! Lemoyian sometimes wants nothing more than to play and frolick with Sokotei but on other occasions he pushes, butts and even charges Sokotei! Today, whilst the orphans were enjoying their greens at the mud bath area Lemoyian went over to Sokotei and pushed him away forcing him into the ticket. Barsilinga, who was enjoying himself in the mud wallow saw the interaction and jumped to Sokotei’s rescue. He got out of the mud wallow, separated the two and charged at Lemoyian, pushing him off and out of the way, saving his little friend Sokotei from a boisterous Lemoyian.

18 June 2014

During the public visiting hour at 11am Kauro and Mashiriki engaged in a mounting game. Mashiriki was particularly patient and gentle, letting little Kauro climb on her. She had joined the four smallest orphans as they enjoyed soil dusting. Ashaka and Kamok rolled about on the earth whilst Mbegu and Kauro stood close by their keepers, dusting themselves happily. When Mashiriki initially approached them the three little girls wondered off, so Mashiriki rolled down on the earth by herself, but eventually Kauro came over. The two engaged in this game for a long time, so it was obviously enjoyable! Later in the early afternoon the orphans came back to the mud bath area for a photo shoot with a newly donated Polaris Ranger vehicle! This will eventually make its way down to the new Umani Stockade where it will be used for carrying milk to the orphans, traversing over tough terrain. The perfect vehicle for the job!

19 June 2014

Ashaka and Lentili engaged in some excellent football antics this morning at the public viewing time. The visitors, especially the local school children were thrilled with their performance - perhaps the elephants are aware of the world cup going on in Brazil! When the babies went out to the field early this morning it was already hot! Nobody expected it to rain today, however, the heavens opened at about 3pm. It has been a very long time since we had heavy rains so the storm was very welcome. There was thunder, lightning and hail stones as the orphans were preparing for their afternoon feed down at the mud bath. Luckily the keepers had ushered the little ones to their stables before the rain started, but all the other orphans were caught up in it! The visitors quickly ran back to their car whilst the elephants pushed and shoved their keepers trying to find shelter amongst the bushes! The orphans became quite distressed, trumpeting loudly and scampering around running off in different directions. The down pour lasted an hour after which the keepers had a hard job on their hands as they now had to search for the scattered orphans. Murera and Nelion were the wisest as they had run back to the stockades for shelter, the others had dashed off into the bushes! It was tough tracking the orphans as their foot prints had been washed away by the rain, but after approximately 45 minutes the keepers traced them. They had split into 2 groups and crossed over the dirt road into the park – an area they have never been before! It was a relief for everyone that the orphans were safely found before darkness set in.

20 June 2014

After yesterdays downpour the orphans had a very chilly start to the morning. So much so, that the babies didn’t come out to the field until later on in the morning when things had warmed up a little. At some point during the morning, Arruba decided to sneak off and search for the little ones as she is very fond of them and needs to see them at least once a day! As they were late into the field she had missed them and needed to check on them. Interestingly it didn’t take long for Zongoloni to join Arruba, where she muscled in and took over the four younger orphans. Arruba was a little put out as both Ashaka and Mbegu sucked on Zongoloni’s ears whilst Kauro and Kamok stood by her side! It was strange to see Zongoloni spend time with the little ones and try to elicit them away from Arruba as she isn’t usually interested. Arruba one out in the long run though as the babies didn’t follow Zongoloni but instead stayed close to Arruba. Solio visited the stockade at 11am today, just when all the visitors were arriving. Initially she headed to her stockade and drank some water from the trough, later she ambled down to the rocks near the mud bath and all the visitors took delight in seeing her searching and licking salt in close proximity to the orphans. She behaved well and luckily didn’t venture to the mud bath as this would have caused a great deal of commotion. All the keepers were pleased she kept a little distance!

21 June 2014

Lemoyian was rather bothersome today! Whilst Ngasha and Tundani were enjoying a great deal of soil dusting, rolling around on the loose earth, he wondered over and mounted first Ngasha and then Tundani. Initially the two other orphans paid him no attention but instead moved and repositioned themselves in an attempt to get him to change his game. However, he kept up the disturbance and eventually Tundani had had enough! Tundani got up and pushed Lemoyian but Lemoyian decided to wrestle back and a pushing game ensued, this greatly irritated Ngasha who together with Tundani disciplined Lemoyian and sent him to browse on his own away from the herd!

22 June 2014

It seems that with the absence of the older orphans who have moved to new their stockades, orphans like Nelion are becoming more boisterous and even a little bullish. Nelion used to be quite quiet and polite but now he sometimes even disobeys the keepers! He has long tusks and uses them to intimidate the other orphans, especially poor Tundani, who used to be very close to Nelion. Today, Suswa, Tundani and Sokotei were having a lovely time together, minding their own business when Nelion moved in and started butting all three of them. The keepers immediately intervened but instead of listening to them he started kicking at the keepers with his hind legs! This is a new side to Nelion that we have not seen before and the keepers will have to work hard to keep control of this new thuggish nature! Truck training continued today, however Sonje is still reluctant to enter. On a more positive note, Quanza has now started allowing half his body to enter the cubicle, so we hope he will enter it fully by the time he moves to Umani.

23 June 2014

During the public viewing time at 11 o’clock, just after the orphans had guzzled down their milk feed, Balguda and Ngasha engaged each other in a pushing game. This drew the attention of the visitors who watch on in excitement as the boys challenged each other. At one stage, Ngasha turned away from Balguda in an attempt to end the game. However, Balguda wanted to play on and held tight onto Ngasha’s hind leg! This prompted the game to continue and the two tussled on for quite a considerable amount of time. Eventually, Ngasha turned to Rorogoi, who was busy soil dusting herself, he attempted to mount her which she didn’t like and she bellowed loudly drawing the attention of Mashiriki and Suswa who rushed over to help Rorogoi. The presence of the two girls forced Ngasha to run away leaving Rorogoi alone. She was consoled by Mashiriki and Suswa who were witnessed touching her ears, legs and under belly with their trunks as they inspected and comforted her.

24 June 2014

Faraja caused us concern today as he is looking dull with a sad face. Usually he has a great deal of energy and often engages his friends in playing and pushing games. At the moment however, he is quiet and subdued and he seems to have lost his appetite as he isn’t eating his greens or even fully enjoying his milk feeds. An urgent blood test was done to determine what was making Faraja feel unwell but nothing alarming was noted but low blood sugar levels were recorded. The keepers have switched his milk feed to a different formula as he doesn’t seem to be getting the nutrients he requires. It was lovely to see Zongoloni in Faraja’s company today as she is obviously aware that he isn’t feeling himself. She provided support and reassurance and kept him close by, showing signs of empathy and care. Faraja will continue to be checked and monitored.

25 June 2014

A few minutes to 4am this morning the translocation of Murera and Sonje took root with poor Murera showing a smooth entry in the truck. Now it was Sonje’s turn which proved to be more challenging than expected. Although Sonje had rehearsed entering the truck several times before during the preparation for the move, she strongly resisted entering the truck and therefore prompting immobilization to be carried out on her, in order for her to be loaded into the truck safely without harming herself. Something that also proved hard was then to drag Sonje into the truck after the immobilization, since she was so heavy, but with all efforts from the entire human family we managed to put her in the truck safely. So Murera and Sonje set of on their journey back into the wild to Umani Forest a newly established rehabilitation unit. The departure of Murera and Sonje left all the orphans who stayed behind feeling a little confused an anxious, throughout the day all the baby elephants browsed close together and kept very close to all the keepers. Unlike before when Murera and Sonje were around all the babies would explore and play together with excitement and confidence as Sonje and Murera were around and made everyone feel safe. Sonje and Murera had adopted Lemoyian and Oltayoni, so the two babies remained very bored since their favorite adopted caretakers were nowhere to be seen. They tried to fit in with Quanza, Zongoloni and Suswa, but only Suswa seemed to react well with the two babies, especially baby Oltayoni.

26 June 2014

The translocation training process for the second group to go to Umani Springs rehabilitation unit was still under way with Quanza, LimaLima and Zongoloni rehearsing entering the truck to prevent them from being scared and anxious when the day comes for the move. With LimaLima showing a clean score sheet for entering into the truck with no difficulties what so ever, whilst Quanza has been strongly resisting the truck and acting similarly as Sonje did but all in all she will adjust to it and will eventually join Murera and Sonje in Umani Umani Forest. Zongoloni who did her first rehearsal into the truck had a brilliant score entering the translocation truck, making the process more successful since most workload will be based on Quanza who has proved very difficult and she too may need immobilization. We hope that the translocation is smooth and successful.

27 June 2014

A few minutes before 4am, the translocation process was in full throttle, as today LimaLima, Zongoloni and Quanza where heading home… back into the wild where they belong. LimaLima and Zongoloni are no trouble in the slightest, all they were far too interested in was having their milk to notice the truck, and both girls are very greedy and are beyond besotted over their milk. Quanza who is to very greedy over her milk had to be immobilized in order for her safety to enter the truck without any harm being done to herself. Soon after all the girls were in the truck safe and sound and were off to meet up with Sonje and Murera. The departure of yet more elephants left particularly Tundani, Jasiri, Faraja and Lentili bellowing after LimaLima, Zongoloni and Quanza almost protesting about their departure! Tundani who normally accompanies LimaLima while out in the field, Was very dull all day and not much movement, he has been seen walking shoulder to shoulder with Rorogoi to find some sort of company since LimaLima had gone. He was desperately looking for some company to walk deep into the forest and explore like he usually had done with LimaLima, Quanza and Zongoloni.

28 June 2014

After Murera and Sonje had gone to Umani Rehabilitation Unit, Poor little Oltayoni, especially today, had been spending her days fully attached to Arruba whom has frequently sneaked away from her group to join Kamok Ashaka, Kairo and Mbegu, and now with Oltayoni joining Arruba on all her mischievous missions. Arruba seems to absolutely adore the four the youngest babies in the nursery, especially little Mbegu who too love Arruba. Oltayoni has also been playing with little Kairo and has been seen letting little Kairo climb all over her and play endlessly with one another. This only proves that Oltayoni will be an excellent caregiver one day to just as Sonje and Murera were to her.

29 June 2014

In the early hours of last night, just minutes after 8pm, Faraja and Jasiri unfolded an unusual drama of rumbling and yelling very loudly, soon after Tundani, Lentili, Ngasha, Kithaka and Basiliga all joined in this triumph of pure noise and waking anything that may of fallen asleep. The cause of this unrest was unknown, until we had fed them on their milk formula, but sure enough moments after their feed they were at it again and only now it was louder and more robust than ever. The only reason we could all think of was that they were missing the company of Murera, Sonje, LimaLima, Quanza and Zongoloni, who had all been transferred to a new rehabilitation unit days before. All the elephants whom were trumpeting an causing complete drama in the stockades all lived in neighboring stockades around Sonje, Murera, LimaLima, Zongoloni and Quanza and as the stockades were empty it caused the unrest within the elephant family. However in time there is no doubt that they will adjust.

30 June 2014

As soon as all the orphans walked out of their stockades at dawn and began to approach the dense bush, Balguda and Nelion were play pushing one another with complete excitement for the new day ahead of them. They joyful play attached the attention of Suswa who was very eager to join in on all the excitement , only to find the two boys were playing a little too rough after Nelion’s tusk pricked her quite hard prompting her then to turn away and leave the two naughty boys to play. Suswa went on to greet Kamok, Ashaka, Kairo and Mbegu who had joined the older group to walk out together into the forest. Suswa showed more interest in Kairo rather than little Mbegu who is a favorite to Arruba and little Oltayoni.