Keepers' Diaries, May 1999

Voi Reintegration Unit

Many stories about Malaika, Chuma, Lissa, Lissa's baby, "Lara", and more..

01 May 1999

The new baby stayed near the Stockades all day, and we cut food for Emily and Aitong.

03 May 1999

On the 3rd, she developed diarrheoa and we had to administer Sulphadimidine, having spoken to Nairobi.

13 May 1999

Things were uneventful until the 13th, when Malaika's group was joined by 3 large cows with young. Malaika was very afraid that the wild elephants would snatch Lewa and she took him away from them, remaining aloof whilst the others played with calves their size.

14 May 1999

The next day (14th) the orphans browsed up Mazinga Hill behind the Stockades.

15 May 1999

On the 15th at l0.15 a.m. our orphans met a wild cow with 2 babies near the Airfield and spend half an hour with them.

16 May 1999

On 16th, down at the river, they met Chuma, Lissa and her baby and a wild cow with 3 calves. They were all together for half an hour during which time Lewa enjoyed playing with Lissa's baby, "Lara".

19 May 1999

Again on the 19th the orphans again met up with Lissa and her baby and they were together until 4 p.m. when Malaika headed up towards the Stockades.

20 May 1999

On 20th Malaika's group met up with Ndume and Edo down at the Campsite and down at the Voi river joined Catherine's group. When Malaika left for the Stockades, Ndume and Edo remained behind.

21 May 1999

On 2lst the orphans again joined Ndume and Edo and later at 10 a.m., Catherine's group amongst whom were Lissa and her baby. They were together until the evening, when Ndume and Edo decided to remain with Catherine, but turned up at the Stockade at 4 a.m.

22 May 1999

On 22nd the orphans met Lissa and her baby and Chuma who were with a wild cow with two babies. They remained together all day.

24 May 1999

On the 24th they encountered numerous herds before meeting Lissa and her group at 5 p.m., joined later by Edo and Ndume. Malaika left for the Stockade without the Boys, but Edo turned up later on his own.

25 May 1999

On 25th, Malaika joined a wild mother and her babies at 9.30 a.m. and were with them until 11 a.m. when they left, heading for the Campsite. There they met Lissa and her baby and her group, but Chuma was not with them. They all had the mudbath together and spent the afternoon together until 5.15 p.m. when Malaika took her adopted family back to the Stockades.

26 May 1999

The 26th was spent feeding around Mazinga Hill, and on the 27th the orphans joined Lissa and her baby on the West side of the hill and spent 3 hours with them.

27 May 1999

The 26th was spent feeding around Mazinga Hill, and on the 27th the orphans joined Lissa and her baby on the West side of the hill and spent 3 hours with them.

28 May 1999

On the 28th, the orphans were joined by Edo and Ndume West of Mazinga hill and were later joined by a wild group. Edo and Ndume came back to the Stockades with Malaika.

29 May 1999

On the 29th the orphans, with Edo and Ndume in tow, met up with over ten wild elephants and were with them until 11.20 a.m. Edo and Ndume were with Malaika and her group all day.

30 May 1999

On 30th Malaika met Edo and Ndume at Lion Hill. Later Lissa and her group with CHUMA and DIKA joined them. They spent the day together and Malaika decided to remain with them, whilst the Keepers took the babies back. That evening Catherine's group turned up at the Stockades at 9.30 p.m. and Malaika, Edo and Ndume arrived at 2 a.m. without Dika.

31 May 1999

On the 31st Malaika was joined by Catherine's group as well as by Edo and Ndume. At 11 a.m. a wild herd arrived and they were all together until 4.45 p.m. when Malaika took her brood back to the Stockades.