Keepers' Diaries, November 2014

Ithumba Reintegration Unit

The rains have well and truly broken with some huge storms dominating the month at Ithumba. The rain has filled up the Orphan's mud wallow which is now so deep that the elephants can actually swim. With hot days punctuating the rain storms the swimming sessions have become extremely popular with our dependent orphans at Ithumba, but also with the big ex orphans and their wild friends too. After a good swim, where they actually submerge themselves completely, the orphans head to a well topped up red earth pile. Sliding down the powdered earth and spraying it all over themselves is the perfect accompaniment to a find midday mud bath.

01 November 2014

This morning, we had a large group of ex-orphans, Mulika, Yatta, Wendi, Kora, Madiba and Makireti, Kilibasi, Kasigau and Kilaguni from Suguta’s group as well as a number of wild elephants. Madiba,showed off a new systematic scratching style on the rocks near the stockade. Vuria, Laragai and Garzi led the group to the bush for browsing after a short time in the stockade compound. Wild dogs appeared near the stockade trough which made the elephants a little scared and frustrated so they quickly drank water and left. In the bush, Bongo and Bomani were acting very nervous after seeing some dik dik’s running here and there. Vuria and Orwa were having some coordination between them while browsing whilst Turkwel and Kainuk were walking and browsing at the same time. Kilabasi, Kasigau and Makireti today stayed with the orphans for some time and Bongo hid under a shade from the very hot sun while Makireti and Turkwel shared food from a tree, Narok sharpened her tusks on a rock and Kanjoro and Teleki had a little wrestle.

02 November 2014

Very early in the morning we had a large group of wild elephants with the ex-orphans in the stockade area including Mulika and Mwende. As the juniors were being let out of the stockade two hyenas arrived which made all the juniors, ex-orphans and wild elephants agitated and frightened. The keepers quickly moved off into the bush to avoid the hyenas so the juniors wouldn't become too scared and upset. In the bush, Narok was busy itching her foot with her other foot when she was frightened by Sities walking slowly behind her and stretching her trunk under her hind legs without her knowledge. Narok became so upset she started running away. Vuria also became very upset when he was pushed back by Bongo. Bongo was in a mischievous moood today and Mutara was shocked and annoyed with him when he knocked Laragai down and then ran away to avoid being punished. Teleki and Orwa led the group back to the stockade for the evening milk. There was no rain but signs of rain were in the air.

03 November 2014

Today we had a big group of wild elephants with some of the ex-orphans in the stockade fighting for water. This stopped our orphans from even being able to smell the water and they were forced to stay behind and wait for the seniors to drink first before getting a chance to drink. Our orphans waited patiently and when the others had finished they were allowed to drink and then they went into the bush. Vuria and Garzi browsed together until naughty Orwa came to browse next to Vuria and then kicked him from behind. Kainuk was trying to snatch food out of Teleki's mouth whilst he was browsing much to Teleki’s annoyance. After a morning in the bush Turkwel with Kainuk led the group to mudbath. We had a jovial game at the mudbath as Laragai, Garzi and Vuria played and danced like there was music in the mudhole. It looked like so much fun that they were soon joined by Bongo, Teleki, Orwa, Bomani and Sities. Vuria and Garzi were so happy they went to the extent of having a kiss in the mudhole. However, they were later scared and ran away from a warthog that had also come for a mudbath. Vuria decided to start scooping and tossing chunks of soil into the air and some on his back instead of mudbathing with the warthog. They all left happily back to the bush and stayed quiet and calm until evening.

04 November 2014

This has been a wonderful day after being blessed with a recorded 60mm of rainfall overnight. This influenced the visiting of ex-orphans and wild elephants to the stockade and mudbath. The orphans after their morning breakfast ran down to the lucerne area to brush their teeth before setting off into the bush for browsing. Sities threw some lucerne particles on her back and Shukuru enjoyed taking it lightly and eating it. Orwa, Garzi and Sities had a nice scratch consecutively on one rock before all headed off to the bush for the day. In the bush, Garzi and Vuria are always browsing together and the orphans enjoyed fresh tasty flavoured green stuff after the night’s rain. At the mudbath, it was very quiet with a cool breeze waving around the orphans as they had their milk, drank some water and left to the bush. It was not as active as other days since it was cold and they couldn’t play in the mudhole as usual. In the bush, Shukuru was trying to kiss Kanjoro whilst Orwa attempted to mount Vuria. Turkwel and Kainuk later led the group back home.

05 November 2014

There was a cool and quiet moment after both the ex-orphans with wild elephants disappeared from the stockade and mudbath. Lualeni with Ololoo later came in and join the orphans at the lucerne area. Garzi, Orwa and Sities had a stylish scratch on a rock whilst Shukuru had a neck scratch. Ololoo at the same time was mounting Orwa and later changed to mount Garzi. Orwa started a game of wrestling with Ololoo and then Lualeni with Ololoo accompanied the orphans into the bush where Bongo continued to try and mount Orwa. Ololoo and Lualeni then diverted to a different direction for browsing on their own. Bongo was the only one who enjoyed splashing mud onto his body as the rest didn’t dare go near the water. We had a cool breezy wind at the mudbath which made them feel cold. Bongo was startled after seeing two dik diks running fast and suspected something was wrong. He then made Garzi scared and they both waited anxiously to see what might be chasing after the dik diks.

06 November 2014

After spending a peaceful night in their respective stables, the orphans were awake and in a jovial mood. They downed their milk bottles and ran to the lucerne area as soon as the gates were flung open where they were received by Lualeni with her adopted ex-orphan baby Ololoo. Ololoo fed near the big rock while Lualeni had her share closed to the fence. Shukuru had to take as much lucerne as she could when she saw Bomani walking towards her, fearing he might steal it away. Ololoo caused a stir by knocking down Kanjoro who produced a loud rumble and ran towards the others for help. The keepers had to punish Ololoo by chasing him away from the herd, then a naughty Laragai ran towards Kanjoro not to comfort him, but to steal his lucerne! Kanjoro turned all his anger to her by head-butting her twice in quick succession. The keepers had no option but to send Kanjoro away to join his naughty friend Ololoo who was watching from a distance. Eventually they were both allowed back to the herd, but Ololoo stayed next to Lualeni to avoid any further trouble. Shukuru later led the group to the water trough to drink water and then into the bush. Lualeni and Ololoo accompanied them into the bush but the orphans were scared of Ololoo and were browsing at a distance from him to avoid being knocked down. They separated during mudbath time after Ololoo and Lualeni realised that they wouldn’t get milk even if they followed them to mudbath. In the mudbath, Bongo tried to get in to swim, but he missed the company after the rest feared the cold water and he came out and join Mutara’s group who were heading back to the bush. They later came across a small pool of water near the road to Bandas and Bongo, Orwa, Teleki, Bomani, Kainuk and Shukuru entertained everyone with marvelous wallowing skills which they have copied from Kora and Orok who they met in the pool. The two ex-orphans gave the orphans room to have funs. They then had a couple of minutes dust bathing and walked slowly back home in the evening. There was no rain today but still we have high hopes since there are some signs of it.

07 November 2014

After having their morning breakfast, all the juniors came out of their stockades majestically and happily to the lucerne area. Lualeni with Ololoo immediately came in and joined them. Shukuru scratched her rump on the rock whilst Garzi and Vuria used sign language and communicated with their trunks. They then all departed into the bush for browsing. They were playing very actively in bush today, with Bongo and Kanjoro having a game of wrestling as Orwa watched them. Orwa really wanted to join them but he started interacting with Teleki for fun instead and eventually it turned into a wrestling game which they enjoyed for some time. It then became a serious wrestle and deciding it was too much Teleki surrendered and ran away. In the mudbath, all were quiet and only Bongo tried to push Orwa as he was bored and looking for something to do. Back in the bush, Lualeni and Ololoo walked for a distance searching for the orphans for company and finally found them. Lualeni is still trying every trick she knows to convince Kanjoro and sometimes Bongo to join her little herd. Mutara finished the days browsing by rolling jovially on the ground and then lead the group back home in the evening.

08 November 2014

It was a lovely morning as the orphans walked down to the lucerne area and were welcomed by Lualeni and Ololoo. Tomboi, Orok and Kora arrived soon after and join them. The orphans went into the bush and Orok followed them with Teleki, Bongo and Kanjoro very happy and overexcited to see Orok. Teleki browsed next to Orok in order to be guarded by him. In the mudbath, the orphans were happily playing together. Mutara was swimming around slapping her trunk on the water and Teleki also joined her in all the fun. It was all good fun until they came out and had a soil dusting and headed back into the bush looking pretty with red soil on their bodies. Back in the bush, the orphans were very active, obviously knowing something exciting was happening. In the evening they came as one group to the stockade with all keepers waving and celebrating that we had achieved 200,000 likes on Facebook, it was a joyful and happy evening with the elephants passing the 200,000 drawing on the rocks and heading to their respective stables.

09 November 2014

It was a lovely morning with the orphans walking down to the lucerne and meeting Tomboi and Buchuma. They interacted for a while and then the babies started marching with their keepers over the rock with 200,000 written on it, still celebrating their Facebook followers, before heading into the bush. They browsed happily and came to mudbath running for their milk. After their milk, they ran to the mudbath with the keepers and passed by the drawing 200,000, they smelt it first before jumping in the water. Only Orwa and Turkwel opted not to have a mudbath, not being as keen on water as the others. It was so much fun as Mutara showed off her swimming skills. They played for some time before covering themselves in the red soil and walking back to the bush for browsing. The orphans were happy and active after cooling down their body temperature and later returned home content and fresh.

10 November 2014

It was a cold morning after last night’s drizzle which recorded 22mm of rainfall. The orphan elephants finished their bottles and walked down to the lucerne where they met Buchuma curiously feasting on the leftover lucerne. They were given fresh lucerne and continued feeding. Everyone was quiet and feeling cold with only Bongo trying to warm himself up with a scratch on the rocks. Later they set off for browsing in the bush, but they were not very active as it was drizzling here and there, and they only attempted to have a scratch in an attempt to keep warm. The keepers decided to give the elephants their lunch milk bottles in the stockade because the road to the mudbath was very slippery. Near the stockade, Orwa found a small dam and started rolling around with his trunk and head up. He soon attracted the attention of Mutara, Bongo, Kainuk and Kanjoro who joined him. Vuria, Garzi, Teleki, Laragai and Sities chose their pool site and started rolling in different styles. Vuria was kicking Laragai to mark his territory as he rotated round and round in the pool and later walked back home with a red mud jacket on.

11 November 2014

After the elephants were finished with their milk, they came out of the stables and jovially headed toward the lucerne feeding area. Later on Wendy, Nasalot, Buchuma, Lenana and a wild bull came to join them and they enjoyed interacting before the orphans left into the bush. They pass by a dam along Kone road and jumped in for a spot of swimming. Teleki started kissing and mounting on Narok whilst Garzi was mounting on Laragai and Orwa was lying on Sities. They all walked to the roadside and continue playing. It was an enjoying movie for the keepers to watch with everyone participating in different styles. Narok started rolling with his legs up in the air as Mutara was kissing Sities in the mud, and then Shukuru. Vuria was hugging Teleki whilst Orwa pushed Bongo to show off his strength. It was a kissing day indeed in different styles and designs. The fun ended when Teleki started splashing mud on Garzi and they all walked back to the bush for browsing and then the rain started. We recorded 26mm of rain and the elephants came back to stockade in the evening when it was very muddy everywhere.

12 November 2014

It was a cool and sunny morning today with all the orphan elephants wolfing down the lucerne field for feasting after their bottles. Bongo and Kainuk ran towards the main scratching rock for a nice morning scratch. Shukuru chilled out resting her trunk on the back of Orwa while Bomani snatching lucerne from Garzi's mouth as he was eating. In the bush, the orphans browsed in groups in open areas to avoid the thick bush where the rain droplets from the trees were likely to fall on their heads. In the mudbath, it was very calm with no one intending to have water showers and no one even wanted to drink water after the morning rain. In the bush, Teleki was scooping and tossing the muddy soil onto his back. Orwa was playing cheerfully and bouncing agilely on a flat rock with his ears open and trunk swinging sideways. Kanjoro was very active since morning sunrise; he sharpened his tusks on a rock with his ears open and then started pushing for a wrestle to weigh his strength. Mutara was rolling a log around with her trunk as she produced a rumbling sound. Everyone was enjoying spending time with their friends as Bongo was feeding next to Laragai, Turkwel was sharing food with Sities near to Narok and Shukuru who are close friends. At the same time Garzi was concentrating and seriously peeling the back from a fallen tree next to Vuria who is his closest ally. The same Vuria then started rumbling to call all the orphans and alert them that it was time for going home and they followed him back in the stockade. In the stockade we found Kora, Buchuma, Madiba and Napasha the ex-orphans with one wild bull. This is the second group to visit after the start of the rainy season apart from Lualeni and Ololoo who are always together. Today we recorded 14mm of rainfall and the mudbath was almost full.

13 November 2014

It was very quiet and cold morning with mud everywhere. The elephants were sliding around on the slippery ground as they walked down from their respective stables. The night before had brought a heavy rain of 75mm. Each orphan was struggling for his/her share of delicious food(lucerne) and Bomani enjoyed a hind and belly scratch on a rock before setting of into the bush. In the bush, everywhere was wet and the orphans were sliding around all the time. It started raining again so the keepers and elephants couldn’t manage to walk to the madbath for feeding but fed them in the stockade. They later walked back to the bush to browse and the mudhole was almost full with rain water still flowing in. Laragai found an area under a big rock which still had some soil to dust with and started playing as she tossed some soil dust on her body to make it warm after being rained on. Shukuru was having a belly scratch with Orwa rolling in the mud as he plays. Teleki and Orwa continued to play together, Bomani and Sities lay next to each other and then Garzi and Vuria kicked Bomani as they were playing next to him. Narok was quietly eating next to Shukuru who was actively playing and rolling in the mud as she waved her trunk in the air. They later met a group of ex-orphans; Madiba, Sidai, Orok, Tomboi, Sunyei, Maybei, Kina, Yatta with Yetu, and five wild elephants and they all interacted and had fun together. Teleki and Orwa started playing and kissing each other as Bongo watched them. Orwa was leaning on the rock as he waited for the time to go back to the stockade in the evening hours. Shukuru later led them back home in the evening hrs. We recorded a total of 92mm of rainfall today.

14 November 2014

It was a lovely morning with all the elephants looking joyful and lively despite the cool weather in the area. They ate lucerne as usual and set off into the bush happily as there was no rain like yesterday. In the bush, they were very quiet with no activities other than Bongo who tried to scoop and toss some chunks of dust onto his head. Orwa was stealing some food from Narok's mouth. Kainuk waved her trunk up as she smelt the milk minutes before it was time for their milk bottles. In the mudbath, they were less active with only Bongo splashing some water on his body and left the rest to drink water before heading back to the bush for browsing. Back in the bush, they came across a small dam and a few of them stopped to play for a few minutes. Bomani was pulling some green stuff that was hanging near Garzi’s back. Garzi then got scared and ran away, fearing Bomani's trunk that was running across his back obviously not knowing what was touching him. We recorded 26mm of rainfall today.

15 November 2014

It was cool and quiet morning and after the orphans breakfast, they walked down to lucerne area, and from there, they disappeared into the bush with the keepers most of whom were feeling tired after last night’s rain which had discouraged some from sleeping. In the bush, Shukuru was browsing with Narok, Vuria and Garzi. Orwa had a good scratch on a tree, whilst Turkwel and Kainuk browsed together. Teleki was scooping and tossing soil on his back and head and then started kneeling down to play as he pierced the soil with his tusks. On the way to the mudbath, they passed by the dam along the road to Kone where Mutara, Bongo and Teleki who love the water played fantastically in the dam and later rolled in the mud along the same road. The orphans continued to Kone and later headed to the mudbath where only Bongo dared to splash some muddy water onto his body. The rest drunk water and head back to the bush where they were a little more active. Teleki and Garzi were having double scratches on one rock whilst Bongo watched them curiously. Mutara was having fun chasing a turtle in the bush whilst Kainuk was leaning and hugging Garzi with his trunk. Sities started itching on the stump of a broken tree with Laragai one after the other, taking turns. Mutara was then scared when she was bitten by a tsetsefly and jumped up in the air for rescue. When they started the journey back home and passed by a clean dam they all entered and had a mudbath. Almost everyone was very clean and showered from the clean water. Bongo, Teleki, Orwa, Vuria, Garzi, Sities, Kainuk, Laragai, Mutara, Shukuru and Bomani played fantastically in the dam before they continued their journey back home.

16 November 2014

It was a cold morning and the orphans downed their bottles and set off to the lucerne feeding area. Everyone was in and active mood and when Teleki saw a dik dik passing and started chasing him, the whole group followed him into the bush with their keepers following behind. In the bush, Bomani was very playful but he missed having someone to play with as the weather changed to chilly and cold winds so the elephants were less active. After mudbath, Orwa met a turtle and became so scared he ran away. Narok was browsing next to Shukuru and Sities browsed next to Mutara for care and protection. Wendi’s group of ex-orphans with two wild bulls came near the stockade area, which is a sign the ex-orphans and wild elephants are returning to the area. Wendi, Nasalot, Sunyei, Kora, Orok, Tomboi, Loijok, Chala, Makina and Sidai all came for water and seemed happy to see the orphans when Mutara led them back home.

17 November 2014

It was a lovely morning and all the orphans streamed down to the lucerne field. Orwa carried a large bunch of lucerne and hid himself in the corner to eat silently. Vuria was playing and tossing lucerne particles in the air and some on his head. The group later vacated to the bush with Laragai leading them. In the bush, Orwa was actively playing with Teleki whilst Mutara the matriarch was browsing next to Kainuk and scratching on him. Garzi and Bomani were closely browsing together. Orwa and Teleki then decided rolling down on the ground was much more fun as they scooped and tossed soil onto each other’s backs. In the mudbath, they all played actively starting with Teleki who went into the small pool and later led the group into the big mudhole and started splashing water onto his friends who were not yet in to make them get wet faster. Mutara was the most playful and is a perfect swimmer. Back in the bush, Orwa continued rolling in the mud which made the other elephants very excited. Shukuru led them back home in a walking style of bouncing.

18 November 2014

It was a different morning as a group of 15 ex-orphans including Yatta and her baby as well as nine wild ones with a young baby came to the stockade. Wendi, Sunyei, Nasalot, Lualeni, Ololoo, Maybai dominated the lucerne area and the junior orphans were unable to join in as there was no room. Meibai started playing and waving his trunk in the air as Shukuru opted for a hind scratch. They later all set off into the bush ready for some serious browsing. It was very hot and all the orphans enjoyed their mudbath today. Teleki was the first one to enter and started splashing water on everyone else to make sure they were all getting wet. When they came out they drifted into the bush for more browsing. Back in the bush everything was very green and there was lots of fresh food available. Laragai started rolling down on the ground and pretended to be sleeping until Shukuru started calling them to go back home for the evening. We had 3mm of rain today.

19 November 2014

After spending a peaceful night in their respective stables, the orphans were up in a jolly mood. It was quiet with only the noise of the weaver birds around. After the lucerne, they all set off to the bush for browsing and as it was a very hot morning in the bush the elephants syphoned some water from their mouth and sprayed it onto their body. In the mudbath, they had their milk and were led by Shukuru to the mudhole for swimming. Everyone looked happily and Mutara, the best swimmer, showed the way forward and how much fun swimming is. It was very interesting and enjoyable for the keepers to watch. After swimming, Garzi started rolling on the ground with his trunk up, and later Kanjoro led them to the bush. The mudbath area was very green and good looking and all the elephants enjoyed lots of food. Garzi came across a small pool of water and started playing in it; Vuria also joined him. Bomani was browsing very close to Vuria and Shukuru next to Narok. Shukuru later led them back home in the evening. We got 4mm of rain today.

20 November 2014

Because of last night’s rain, the orphans couldn’t hide their happiness and joy after finishing their bottles. They all ran around the stockade compound with Bomani having a hind scratch, Laragai a foot scratch and Sities a tummy scratch. They walked gently to the bush as there is no need to rush with all the fresh food around and the area being so green. Kanjoro and Bongo found a dam along Kone road and drank water before heading to the mudbath. In the mudbath, they finished their milk and all lined up in the mudhole led by Teleki. Mutara was a bit scared today, maybe because it was a little cold, but she went in last with a strong motivation of swimming. Her antics makes the others more active and they wave their trunks up to show happiness. Back in the bush, Mutara was browsing from tall trees while others on short shrubs. Vuria started a game of scooping and tossing some chunks of dust and splash on his head. Bongo was browsing alone today. Zurura, Kora and Orok visited the stockade with a large group of wild elephants and Yatta also passed by waving their trunks. We recorded 14mm of rainfall.

21 November 2014

It was very cold and quiet morning with the elephants having their lucerne after their milk looking at Ithumba hill that was completely covered in a heavy mist. In the bush, they were all very active and Orwa, Vuria, Teleki and Bomani lined up and tossed some soil on their heads and backs. Teleki started mounting Garzi whilst they were both sat down and then Bongo started mounting Teleki which ended the games. Later they found a waterhole and started playing in it before heading to the mudbath. In the mudbath, they all played in happily. Vuria, Garzi, Laragai and Teleki started the fun by playing in a small waterhole before they joined Mutara who had jumped into the big mudhole. They all swam with all strength and came out wet and tired. Mulika, Mwende, Wendi, Sunyei, Tomboyi, Meibai, Zurura, Ithumbah, Napasha, Makina, Kora and Nasalot with around 12 wild elephants came to the stockade to drink water and rest before disappearing back into the bush.

22 November 2014

It was a bright morning with the elephants very active in the bush after their breakfast. It was very hot from the morning hours and Sities spent her time scooping soil chunks and tossing them on her body under the shade of a tree. They all enjoyed fresh and green pasture in the thick bush. Vuria kicked Teleki with her hind leg and so Teleki went to browse next to Shuku whilst Mutara was browsing next to Laragai to monitor and control her behaviour. Bongo was browsing alone in the opposite direction of the others. Shukuru and Orwa came across a small mudhole and started to play later accompanied by Kanjoro and Bongo.

23 November 2014

It was a blissful morning as the ex-orphans started coming back to the stockade. Yatta with Yetu, Zurura, Lenana, Nasalot, Tomboi, Lualeni, Ololoo, Kora, Loijok, Buchuma and Orok were among them as well as four wild elephants. The orphans interacted with them before heading off into the bush. Teleki found a mudpool and start playing in it. When he came out he had a patch of red mud on his tummy and tried to scratch the mud off. In the mudbath, they played happily. Vuria, Laragai, Teleki, Bomani, Garzi and Kanjoro all laid down in the big mudhole to roll and swim. Vuria started mounting on Garzi while he was swimming which Garzi was not happy about. They later walked back to the bush for browsing but it was very hot and some were forced to hide under the shade of a tree. Sities started scratching on a tree and then joined their friends for browsing. Kanjoro, Orwa, Bongo, Sities, and Vuria had a lovely roll in the soil along the road to campsite and later walked back home in the evening.

24 November 2014

After a heavy breakfast of milk and lucerne, the orphans departed to the bush for browsing. Vuria started scratching on a rock while Mutara stopped Turkwel from kicking Laragai. Orwa and Kanjoro were very busy browsing and Bongo was hiding himself and browsing silently. It was very hot and they were browsing near the dam along the road to Kone. Orwa, Vuria, Mutara, Garzi, Narok, Bomani Sities played actively in the dam with Vuria mounting on Garzi in the water. At the mudbath, they had their milk and then all jumped into the mudhole and started swimming with Mutara showing off her intelligent style of swimming. When they had finished they clambered out of waterhole and were running here and there and eventually back to the bush for browsing. In the bush, they all looked happy. Bongo had a great time playing with dust that he threw on his back. The met with Lualeni, Lenana and Ololoo, and they all shared greetings before the orphans made their way back home.

25 November 2014

It was a beautiful morning with all the elephants behaving actively playing here and there. After their bottle and lucerne, they walked into the bush for browsing. In the bush, Teleki was scratching against Orwa’s belly and Shukuru peacefully rolling on the ground with her legs up in different places. They passed the dam along Kone road and played inside serenely with Mutara swimming with all her strength. After their bottle in the mudbath, they dipped themselves into the big mudhole and started having fun. It was fantastic entertainment with Vuria mounting Teleki in the water and Narok watching the game. There was a time we could see only their heads as the rest of their bodies were under water. They then all came out running with good-humored fun and games into the bush for browsing. In the bush, they were all busy and clean but later Shukuru and Kainuk started splashing red soil onto their bodies and later led the way back home in the evening.

26 November 2014

It was a bright morning with orphan elephants coming out of their respective stables and making their way towards the lucerne field. In the field, Orwa was peacefully scratching on the rock whilst Bongo playing with Vuria. The group later walked majestically to the bush for browsing. In the bush, Orwa and Teleki had a wrestling game and then embraced each other as it was all in good fun. The group later came across water whereby Mutara, Narok, Vuria, Bongo, Kanjoro and Garzi played impressively before walking to the mudbath for milk. After the milk they all dipped in the mudhole and started swimming vigorously in different styles led by our champion swimmer Mutara. Shukuru was kissing Orwa while Vuria mounting Garzi and when everyone was finished they ran into the bush with their tails up. In the bush, Vuria was browsing with Garzi, and Bongo, with Kanjoro, were browsing separately from others.

27 November 2014

The elephants came out of the stockade and went to the lucerne area where they only stayed a few minutes before walking into the bush. In the bush, they were quietly browsing with Bongo as usual browsing alone, away from the others. Vuria and Teleki browsed together, and later in the day met with Wendi the ex-orphan who stayed with them for some time and even joined them at the mudbath. In the mudbath, they all played and swam energetically accompanied by Wendi. Back in the bush, Kainuk was happily playing and opening her ears making a high rumbling sound. They later came across another small water pool to play in and Bongo and Kanjoro jumped in for some more fun before walking slowly back home. In the stockade, we had a group of ex-orphans with one wild elephant. Yatta, Yetu, Wendi, Nasalot, Madiba and Napasha were among the group and stayed around for sometime before leaving for the night. Vuria was playing with Garzi in their stables before night fell and they all lay down to sleep.

28 November 2014

After downing their morning milk, the juniors went to the lucerne area and started feasting on lucerne. Shukuru, Vuria, Bongo and Orwa were itching on different rocks when they were visited by Kasigau, Makireti and Kilabasi. They hugged each other said hello and set off into the bush together. In the bush, they stayed together until the orphans left to go to the mudbath for fun and milk. They played liberally in the mudhole with Mutara coming up with a new style of swimming yet again with her trunk and tusks pointed up whilst the rest of her body was under water. Vuria was mounting Teleki during swimming which Teleki wasn’t so keen on. In the bush, they all looked happily and Orwa had much fun rotating on his buttocks going round on the ground with his head and trunk up. Teleki had a game of splashing soil on his back and brush it off with his tail. Bongo, Bomani, Narok and Kanjoro found a small water pool and started playing before they came back to the stockade. Wendi's group with Yatta, Yetu, Ithumbah, Tomboi, Zurura, Madiba, Nasalot, Makina and a wild bull visited the stockade in the evening.

29 November 2014

The elephants showed how much they enjoy their lucerne with many of them rumbling as a sign of happiness. Madiba the ex-orphan came in and joined the orphans for some time and later left. In the bush, Mutara the matriarch was struggling to get the highest leaves from a tall tree. Bongo was playing and having a wrestling game with Orwa and Bomani. They later walked on to the mudbath where they drunk the milk and all passionately entered the mudhole for swimming with Mutara leading them. They had fun and games in the water with Vuria mounting on Narok for fun. They accidentally frightened a turtle and became upset with the group running towards the keepers for help. The keepers later accompanied them to the bush. In the bush, Bongo was found hiding under a big rock just alone. Back in the stockade, a group of 7 ex-orphans Tomboi, Lualeni, Ololoo, Napasha, Ithumbah, Madiba, Zurura and two wild elephants came to say hello to the juniors before bedtime.

30 November 2014

It was the first day for Suguta’s group to visit us in the stockade, probably because we have had some rain and everything is looking green. Suguta, Melia, Tumaren, Kibo, Kandecha, Kalama and Chemi chemi came in the morning to share lucene. In the morning our orphan elephants came out with delight after their breakfast and met Chyulu the ex-orphan. They received her with joy and Chyulu followed them when they went into the bush. In the bush, they stayed together happily with Shukuru actively rolling in the dust and scooping some soil and tossing it into the air. They later made their way to the mudbath for milk and a shower. They played so nicely and Shukuru kissed Chyulu in the water whilst the rest enjoyed their swim. They later all came out in a good manner and went into the bush. In the bush, Orwa was playing a wrestling game with Kanjoro browsing very close to Chyulu. Bongo found a waterpool and started playing in the water with some of his friends. However, Chyulu found her group and joined them leaving the orphans making their way back to the stockade where they met Wendy’s group at the stockade.