Our Nursery Live Streams

Video of mud bath and milk feed at our Nairobi Nursery.

We normally open our doors to the public for one hour every day, however, these are not normal times, so we created a temporary live stream to allow us to bring our Orphans' Project to you.

We live streamed mud baths three times a week over a six-month period in 2020, during the height of global travel restrictions, which had been put in place by countries to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Our last live stream took place in August and this can still be watched below, with our Head Keeper Edwin introducing our project and the 12 rescued orphans that were in our care at the Nursery at that time.

We are no longer streaming live from the Nursery, instead we encourage people to visit our Social Feed, or to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we conduct live videos from different locations at the Nursery. These live videos allow for greater engagement between us and watchers, making for a more interactive experience. They also allow us to film from different areas of the Nursery, given a wider insight into the day-to-day lives of the elephants, and Maxwell the black rhino.




Feed a baby elephant

Make a gift in kind donation to fund a milk feed for one elephant. The elephants at our Nursery need two bottles of special formula milk every three hours, day and night, to survive and thrive.

Feed all the Nursery elephants

Provide one milk feed for all 30 orphan elephants currently in our care at the Nairobi Nursery. Choose this option to gift in kind 60 bottles of special milk formula to the whole Nursery herd.

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There is so much more we can do to protect wildlife and you do not have to travel to Kenya to make a difference.

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