Our Nursery Live Streams

Watch mud baths and milk feeds at our Nairobi Nursery.

We normally open our doors to the public for one hour every day, however, these are not normal times, so we have created a temporary live stream to allow us to bring our Orphans' Project to you. We will endeavour to share up to three live streams every week.

Join our Head Keeper Edwin at the mud bath and learn about our work to protect elephants, as he introduces the 12 orphan elephants currently at our Nursery, as they enjoy one of their three hourly milk feeds.

Notice: There are currently no new lives streams, while we carry out some essential works at the Nursery, during which time the elephants are enjoying their milk feeds and mud baths in the forest. We hope to share our next fixed live stream before the end of September and will update you here as soon as the date is confirmed. In the meantime, you can enjoy our last 'live at the mud bath' video below and do follow us on Instagram and Facebook, as we share a number of lives on these platforms every week.


11am (GMT+3)


11am (GMT+3)


3pm (GMT+3)

Feed a baby elephant

Make a gift in kind donation to fund a milk feed for one elephant. The elephants at our Nursery need two bottles of special formula milk every three hours, day and night, to survive and thrive.

Feed all the Nursery elephants

Provide one milk feed for all 12 orphan elephants currently in our care at the Nairobi Nursery. Choose this option to gift in kind 24 bottles of special milk formula to the whole Nursery herd.

Learn more about our Orphans' Project and others ways to Get Involved

There is so much more we can do to protect wildlife and you do not have to travel to Kenya to make a difference.

What is our Orphans' Project?

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Adopt an Orphan

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