Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Report for July 2022

Published on the 15th of August, 2022

The Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 5 cases in July. 3 of these cases involved necropsy on 2 elephants and a zebra. The other 2 cases involved zebras; one was treated for a fractured of the fetlock, while the other was successfully de-snared.

Hot and dry conditions persisted over the Amboseli ecosystem in July. Vegetation dried off and most of the grasses, apart from elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum), were completely degraded or removed. Weak, very old and young animals were more affected, and many died of exhaustion and thirst. Birds of prey and other scavengers consumed the carcasses of animals that died from the drought. A huge number of animals remained in the park, but they moved widely in and outside the park. This movement led to increased incidents of farm invasion and conflict with the communities bordering conservation areas. Some wild animals were injured and some eventually died due to this conflict.

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