Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for March 2022

Published on the 15th of April, 2022

The SWT/KWS Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit attended eight wildlife cases during March 2022

A cable wire was removed from a lion which was possibly set for livestock predators, but it is uncertain. A famous elephant bull (Tolstoy) suffered a suspected spear injury on the right forelimb in a farm adjacent to Kimana Sanctuary, this could have been a poaching or human-elephant conflict incident. A autopsy on an elephant bull in Satao Elerai could not be concluded due to scavenging and destruction of internal organ systems. However, crucial to the case was maize remains that formed the stomach contents that could be attributed to farm raiding activities before death.

The five other cases attended were all attributable to natural causes. This included a post-mortem on a zebra, and an eland, as well as one carried out on a lioness, though the exact cause of the lioness’ death could not be concluded due to advanced decomposition. A sick buffalo calf at Kaluku was examined but the prognosis was guarded due to a likely lung injury and a lame elephant bull was treated successfully in Tsavo East National Park.

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