Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for October 2021

Published on the 15th of November, 2021

The Amboseli and Chyulu Eco system has continued to experience dry conditions. Most of the remaining grass is dry and many places have experienced sporadic bushfires. There were more animal deaths reported than normal, of which most were due to starvation and lack of water. Wild animals have been moving across wide areas in search of food, with some ending up involved in cases of human-wildlife conflict.

The SWT/KWS Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 12 cases during October 2021. A male giraffe trapped in a mud pan while in search of water in Shompole, Magadi was rescued. Most of the waterholes in the area are fenced to protect against wildlife, leaving only the undesirable pools. Other giraffes in the area have died or moved away. Other cases included a zebra entangled in a broken fence while in pursuit of pasture, relocation of an aggressive zebra, treatment of a lion caught in conflict and the collaring of 3 elephants.

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