Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for July 2020

Published on the 15th of August, 2020

During July 2020, the SWT/KWS Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to six cases that required veterinary intervention.

These included three elephants, a leopard and two lions. One elephant was treated after it became entangled in fencing wire, as a result of trying to cross a fenceline, while another was treated for a spear wound. The leopard was attended to as a 'problem animal' case, having been identified as the culprit in several livestock raids and so it was caught in a cage trap and translocated south, where it was released in Tsavo East National Park. While one of two lions had been sighted in a a human populated area, however, despite an extensive search it could not be located.

In third elephant and second lion case, the Vet Unit was attending to ascertain causes of death. Autopsies were carried out, which helped determine the cause of death: The elephant died as a result of excessive diarrhoea, while the lion was speared to death in a community retaliatory attack following livestock predation.

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