Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit for December 2019

Published on the 16th of January, 2020

During December 2019, Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit (AMVU) attended to 3 cases that required veterinary intervention

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An emaciated lioness that had porcupine quills in its body and a lame lesser Kudu were treated during the month. Death of 3 sables at Shimba hills National Park was investigated and all were independent of each other. The sable deaths occurred at different times during a period of more than 6 months. And were not infectious or of any threat to the parent population.

In addition, a Hippo that suffered fight wounds at Amboseli National Park could not be treated due to massive floods during the month, however, it has been observed to have improved and healed tremendously. A male lion reported sick at Dida Harea area in Tsavo East National Park was also attended but could not be traced even after a daylong search on the ground, it has not been sighted thereafter.