Mara Mobile Veterinary Report | April 2024

Published on the 15th of May, 2024

The SWT/KWS Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 4 Cases in April 2024.

In Naboisho Conservancy, the veterinary team attended to an adult female elephant with 2 arrowheads lodged in its hind quarters. Fortunately, treatment was successful, and the elephant has a good prognosis. A day later, the team attended to an adult male Masai giraffe with a spear wound on the abdomen spewing gastric contents. Given the possibility systemic infection had set in, the giraffe has a guarded prognosis. The team also rescued a 3-week-old common zebra foal in Mara North Conservancy that was found abandoned by staff at Speke’s Camp. The foal was taken to the Kenya Wildlife Service Nairobi Orphanage for specialized care. Lasty, the Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to an adult lioness from the Egyptian pride with an infected wound in the spinal region. The lioness was most likely injured by an antelope during a hunt. Treatment was successful and the lioness has a good prognosis.

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