SWT Annual Newsletter - 2022

Published on the 9th of May, 2023

2022 will always be remembered as a drought year in Kenya, which brought with it daily field emergencies and a deluge of orphan rescues. In our 2022 Newsletter, discover how we responded to one of the most challenging years in our organisation’s history. Within its pages, find an overview by Angela Sheldrick, dozens of as-yet-unseen photographs, and stories of hope from the frontlines of conservation.

Where to begin? 2022 marked our 45th anniversary — and it was a year that will go down in history. What started as an extended dry season soon devolved into a large-scale drought that gripped much of Kenya. Rivers ran dry, vegetation withered away, as great landscapes dried up across the country.

Left to its own devices, nature is a finely tuned system that has sustained our planet for millions of years. Some years, abundance prevails; others, the environment goes without. And yet, human actions have disrupted the natural order of things. We are living on the frontlines of climate change here in Kenya, ushering in a new and uncertain era for humans and wildlife alike.

But, as is so often the case, from hardship emerged hope. While 2022 brought about conservation hurdles on a new scale — near-daily orphan rescues and field emergencies, a surge in illegal activities, local communities in need of help — it also showed us how far we have come. Because of donors like you, we were able to answer the call, no matter how great the challenge, providing life-saving support across the country.

In our 2022 Newsletter, discover how your support helped us see Kenya’s wildlife and communities through the drought, all while building upon our conservation projects across Kenya.

– Angela Sheldrick

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