Mara Mobile Veterinary Report for November 2023

Published on the 15th of December, 2023

The Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 8 Cases in November 2023. These included 3 lion cases, 4 elephant cases and 1 zebra case. The veterinary team treated 3 lions in Maasai Mara National Reserve for fight wounds, and 1 lion in Olare Orok Conservancy for a spear wound in the lumbar region.

All lions were successfully treated and are expected to make a fully recovery. The team also successfully treated 2 elephants for arrow wounds and 2 elephants for spear wounds over the reporting period. Lastly, the team attended to an adult male common zebra with a snare around the neck in Mara Ripoi Conservancy. Unfortunately, the zebra had a poor prognosis given the grievous injuries inflicted by the snare. Therefore, the animal was put to rest to alleviate further pain and suffering.

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