Mara Mobile Veterinary Report for September 2023

Published on the 15th of October, 2023

The Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 7 cases in total in September 2023. These included 4 elephant cases, 1 lion case, 1 cheetah case and 1 Masai giraffe case.

The team treated a sub-adult female elephant with a spear wound on the left hind limb; a sub-adult male Masai giraffe with an arrow lodged in the right side of its neck; an adult elephant bull with a spear wound at the lumbar fossa region; an elephant matriarch with a septic arrow wound at the stifle joint region; an adult elephant bull with a swollen forelimb; an adult male lion with territorial fight wounds; and an injured sub-adult cheetah that unfortunately died before treatment could be administered. The young cheetah was most likely fatally injured by a warthog. All other cases were successfully treated with a good prognosis for recovery.

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