Meru Mobile Veterinary Report | April 2024

Published on the 15th of May, 2024

The Meru ecosystem experienced transformative rejuvenation as it was drenched in significant showers in April. Seasonal rivers coursing through Meru National Park surged to life breathing vitality into the landscape. The once parched earth swiftly metamorphosed into a lush expanse of dense and vibrant verdant green. These changes instil a sense of hope that wildlife will have ample food and water in the coming months.

In addition to the bountiful natural provisions, April also brought about a notable decrease in the number of wildlife cases reported. The Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit addressed 2 cases within the Meru National Park. These cases, both stemming from natural causes, presented with symptoms of lameness. The first case involved an adult reticulated giraffe bull exhibiting lameness in the left forelimb caused by an abrasion wound. The second case involved an adult common zebra stallion, displaying marked lameness in the right forelimb due to a hoof wall avulsion. The veterinary team swiftly intervened and provided treatment and care to both animals with a favourable prognosis for recovery indicated .

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