Meru Mobile Veterinary Report for August 2023

Published on the 15th of September, 2023

The month of August saw the dry season extend its grasp over the Meru Conservation Area, transforming the landscape into a realm of parched earth and wilted foliage. High daytime temperatures cast unrelenting heat upon the terrain, causing the vibrant greenery of previous months to fade into hues of ochre and rust.

The SWT/KWS Meru Mobile Vet Unit attended to 3 notable cases. One of the Unit's remarkable missions involved the rescue of an abandoned elephant calf, this tiny calf ant was found in distress at the Korbesa wells in the Meru National Park Environs. In the Gakurine area of upper Imenti Forest, the team conducted an autopsy on a female elephant carcass suspected to be a victim of poisoning. The Vet team also attended to a young female white rhino snared by a discarded fence wire in Meru National Park, the rhino experienced minor bruising and has a good prognosis for recovery.

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