Meru Mobile Veterinary Report for December 2022

Published on the 15th of January, 2023

Most of the Meru ecosystem continued to receive rain in December which increased forage and water for wildlife. The trees were in full bloom, and the number of reported cases drastically decreased. During the month, the Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 5 cases comprising 1 lion case, 2 elephant cases, 1 giraffe case and 1 zebra case.

The Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to Kanini, a member of the Mulika pride in Meru National Park, who had an arrowhead in her right hindleg; a zebra stallion that survived a predator attack; and a wounded reticulated giraffe bull. On separate occasions, the Veterinary Unit also attended to 2 elephants in the Lower Imenti Forest; the team performed an autopsy on an elephant bull carcass and treated a recumbent elephant cow that sadly had to be put to rest to alleviate further pain and suffering given the animal’s poor prognosis.

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