Meru Mobile Veterinary Report for December 2023

Published on the 15th of January, 2024

Showers persisted across the Meru Conservation Area in December transforming the landscape into a lush, vibrant green expanse and reinvigorating rivers that were once subdued. This favourable weather is anticipated to ensure an ample supply of forage and water and contribute to the overall well-being of the wildlife within the ecosystem in the coming months.

There was a discernible decrease in reported wildlife cases in December, the SWT-KWS Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 4 cases in total. This included a sub-adult reticulated giraffe bull in Garissa with a winch wire around the neck, and an adult female spotted hyena in Meru National Park with a wire snare around the neck. Thankfully, both cases have a good prognosis for recovery. The Meru Veterinary team also conducted a comprehensive 2-day community engagement exercise targeting residents around Imenti Forest. The primary objective was to investigate potential correlations between the recent elevated mortality rate of elephants in Imenti Forest and prevalent livestock diseases. Additionally, the vet administered prophylactic treatment against trypanosomiasis to a tracker dog named Pecker attached to the Meru Rhino Canine Unit.

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