Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for February 2022

Published on the 15th of March, 2022

February has been unusually wet due to unexpected rains. These rains have caused massive vegetation regeneration making enough forage available for the wild animals more so within protected areas. We are optimistic that the same weather conditions will continue to prevail and ensure animals are well nourished.

The four cases this month were all located in Ruma National Park, Western Kenya. Five Roan antelopes were translocated from Tanzania to Ruma National Park to increase the gene pool. Unfortunately, the antelopes didn’t arrive in very good condition. One of the females was dead on arrival and the other died shortly after. They were both heavily pregnant and died from gestational stress. They were poor candidates for translocation. The sub adult male was in also in poor condition and he died several hours later. His post-mortem revealed he had suffered head injuries resulting in death. Later in the month, the Unit returned to check on the two remaining females and assess their condition. They had slightly improved and the Unit gave extensive advice on future management to ensure their survival.

Additionally, the Unit treated a giraffe with a swelling on the leg which was presumed to be cancerous.

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