Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for May 2021

Published on the 15th of June, 2021

The Eastern Conservation Area is flourishing with rich vegetation after fairly good short rains. The bush is too thick for small animal spotting, even with aerial support. Thanks to the abundance of forage, the wild animals are looking healthy and we are optimistic that the vegetation already generated will last till the next rainy season in October-November.

The month under review was fairly busy with various interventions carried out. Two bongos were treated at Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, one for an abscess and one for a cracked hoof. A zebra was treated after it evaded a lion attack, while a post-mortem was conducted on a goat that died in a holding pen (a number of goats had been confiscated when caught illegally grazing in the National Park). A white rhino calf was treated and taken to the Sheldrick Trust orphanage following a suspected trampling incident that had caused serious damage to its legs and left eye. Another white rhino was treated for an injury resulting from a territorial fight.

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