Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for May 2022

Published on the 15th of June, 2022

May was marked by cooler temperatures and low precipitation levels. However, the Meru ecosystem remained green, with plenty of forage and water for wildlife. Wildlife numbers are on the rise, with beautiful newborns seen among elephant, buffalo, and antelope herds across the ecosystem. We are hopeful the region will experience showers in the coming months, ensuring there is ample food available for these rising wildlife numbers.

During May, the SWT/KWS Meru Veterinary Unit attended to six cases in Meru National Park. They include the rescue of a rhino calf who had strayed outside Meru Rhino Sanctuary and was successfully reunited with his mother, the treatment of a pregnant lioness for a puncture wound to her forelimb, and the treatment of three giraffe bulls who had marked lameness. All cases had a good prognosis for recovery. The vet team also did an autopsy examination on an elephant carcass, although the cause of death was inconclusive due to scavenging.

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