Meru Mobile Veterinary Report for May 2024

Published on the 15th of June, 2024

May was notably dry with minimal to no rainfall recorded in the Meru ecosystem. Nevertheless, permanent and seasonal rivers continued flowing, and the region retained its verdant appearance. The SWT/KWS Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 6 cases.

In lower Imenti Forest, the team performed an autopsy on an adult elephant bull that was found to have died from intestinal torsion and hypoxia. All the other cases were in Meru National Park. The Veterinary Unit also rescued a sub-adult female white rhino named Noleen after she strayed from the Meru Rhino Sanctuary. They also attended to an adult male lion and a sub-adult female Grant’s Gazelle in separate cases. Both animals exhibited marked lameness. Furthermore, the team treated a female common zebra in Meru National Park that was electrocuted by an electric fence. Unfortunately, the zebra did not survive despite the team’s valiant efforts. Lastly, the veterinarian carried out a routine health checkup on a security dog assigned to the Rhino Canine Unit.

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