Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for September 2020

Published on the 15th of October, 2020

The month under review has witnessed high temperatures and strong winds within the Eastern Conservation Area. Trees have begun to flower, which is attracting an abundance of bees; a sign that rain is imminent. All the wildlife is in good condition and we are optimistic that the remaining vegetation will see them through the remainder of the dry season.

There were only 3 cases attended to this month as there has been a reduction in human-wildlife conflict and poaching incidents. The Vet Unit attended one case, where two crocodiles were in a human inhabited area and the community were concerned as they bring their livestock to drink water daily. However, despite numerous attempts the crocodiles evaded capture as they were still small and slipped through the nets. The situation will be monitored. The other two cases involved rhinos, one white and one black rhino, that had both sustained injuries in territorial fights. The white rhino had to be translocated, post treatment, as it had knocked down a fence and left the protected area after the fight.

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