Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit for April 2020

Published on the 15th of May, 2020

Heavy downpours throughout the month ensured habitats within the Meru region remained rich in vegetation, with water available to wildlife. It was a busy and varied month for the Meru Mobile Vet Unit, headed by KWS Vet, Dr Ephantus.

Two giraffes and a zebra were successfully treated, all having fallen victim to snare injuries in separate instances. A young rhino showing signs of lethargy was treated for colic, with the Vet recommending continued monitoring. The SWT/KWS Meru Mobile Vet Team was also called upon to treat an injured striped hyena in poor condition that was being relocated after being reported for raiding livestock. A python was also relocated further into the park after an incident of conflict with the community near Rhino Camp Gate. Other cases included the postmortem of an elephant and an investigation into the multiple deaths of laughing doves.