Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit for September 2019

Published on the 17th of October, 2019

This report describes the activities of the Meru Veterinary Unit in September 2019. The drought continued through September in Northern Kenya with serious effects on wildlife, particularly grazers.

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In Meru National Park an investigation into buffalo mortality revealed malnutrition as the cause of death. However, other wildlife species in the Park were less affected. During this month the Unit also immobilized a lion to remove a snare and another lion had a collar removed because it had malfunctioned. Post-mortem examinations were carried out on two black rhinos which succumbed to injuries sustained from predation in Meru and Aberdare National Park while a white rhino calf in Borana Conservancy died after it was trampled by its mother. Two elephants were also anesthetized to treat gunshot injuries.