Mount Kenya Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for August 2023

Published on the 15th of September, 2023

The rainfall in July was a welcome relief in the Mt. Kenya and Laikipia ecosystem, the subsequent abundance of forage and water for wildlife and livestock resulted in fewer human – wildlife conflict cases and a reduction in the clinical case load in August.

The Mt. Kenya Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to 5 cases in total. These included 3 elephant cases involving a recumbent adult elephant bull with a spear wound on the right flank in Loldaiga Conservancy; an adult elephant bull with spear wounds on the neck, right forelimb, and flank in Ngorare Ranch, Laikipia; and an adult elephant cow with a wire snare on the right hind limb in Elkarama Ranch. Sadly, the elephant bull in Loldaiga Conservancy died before treatment could be administered. The autopsy carried out found that the elephant bull died from septicemia leading to peritonitis caused by the spear puncture. The team also de-snared an adult female white rhino in Meru National Park and translocated 7 problematic zebras from Mt. Kenya Safari club golf course to the Mt. Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

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