Mount Kenya Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for August 2020

Published on the 15th of September, 2020

During August 2020, the Mt Kenya Wildlife Veterinary unit attended to 16 wildlife cases that required urgent veterinary intervention in the Laikipia ecosystem and Mt. Kenya region.

The Unit conducted post-mortem examinations of 2 elephants; one that died from natural causes and another from a gunshot wound likely caused during human-elephant conflict, as well as de-snaring of a common zebra, treatment of a wounded grevy zebra, rescue and relocation of a Colobus monkey and a spotted hyena in Nanyuki, treatment of three mountain bongo’s at Mt Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, treatment of two injured elephants, collection of oocytes from two endangered Northern White rhinos, euthanasia of a giraffe with a fracture, treatment of a giraffe with laminitis and the post-mortem of a white rhino in Solio Wildlife Conservancy.