Mt Kenya Mobile Veterinary Unit for July 2019

Published on the 16th of August, 2019

During the month of July 2019, the Mt Kenya Mobile Veterinary Unit responded to many wildlife emergencies that required urgent veterinary intervention in the Laikipia ecosystem and Mt. Kenya region

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Some of the critical veterinary activities attended to included treatment of an adult male black rhino with hind leg lameness in Solio Wildlife Conservancy, capture and de-snaring of an adult male eland in Aberdares Country Club Conservancy, examination and euthanasia of an elephant with a gunshot injury at Ol pejeta Wildlife Conservancy and rescue of its 1 year old calf, de-worming and treatment of mountain bongos at Mt. Kenya Game Ranch in two separate cases and capture and relocation of a sub-adult male bongo to a larger enclosure in Mt Kenya Game Ranch as highlighted in the report.