Mt Kenya Mobile Veterinary Unit for August 2019

Published on the 16th of September, 2019

The Mount Kenya Wildlife Veterinary Unit attended to many wildlife cases throughout August that required urgent veterinary intervention in the Laikipia ecosystem and Mt. Kenya region.

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Some of the critical activities attended to included examination and euthanasia of an elephant with a fracture, post-mortem examination of three elephants, treatment of an elephant bull with a dislocation, treatment of an elephant with an arrow wound, treatment of an injured security dog from Solio Conservancy, de-snaring and treatment of a common zebra near Ol Pejeta, stimulation of follicles growth and collection of oocytes from the Northern white rhino in Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy, rescue of an elephant stuck along the river in Naibunga Conservancy, post-mortem of an elephant electrocuted in Nanyuki, post-mortem of a female black rhino in Aberdares National Park and capture and collaring of Reticulated giraffes in Loisaba Conservancy and Samburu National reserve.

A full report on the unit's operations in the month can be read below.