Sky Vets Report for June - September 2019

Published on the 26th of October, 2019

During June to September 2019 the SWT/KWS Sky Vet program was called to handle 16 wildlife cases. Most of these cases were supported by the SWT helicopter as well as one outsourced aircraft to help with elephant darting operations as well as search and monitoring operations.

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14 of these cases attended to involved elephants and 2 involved predators (1 snared leopard and 1 snared lion). Of the 14 elephant cases, 5 involved arrow wounds, 1 was a bullet wound case, 2 were snaring cases, 3 spear cases, 1 Human Wildlife Conflict cases, 2 cases due to natural causes.

63% of the cases were successful with 6% taken to an orphanage, 25% given a poor prognosis and 6% not located. Without rapid veterinary response, the majority of these cases would have died from their injuries.