Sky Vets Report for February to May 2015

Published on the 31st of May, 2015

We respond to all manner of wildlife emergencies from snares, spears, arrow and gunshot wounds, to injuries caused through human-wildlife conflict. Working in diverse habitats, Sky Vets patients can include injured and distressed elephants, rhinos, giraffe, zebra, lions and countless other species.

During February 2015 to May 2015 the DSWT/KWS Sky Vet program was called to handle 9 emergency wildlife cases. Of these cases, 7 treatments were of elephants with injuries including spear wounds, gunshots, poisoned arrows and snares.

KWS Veterinary Officers were flown to the Chyulu Hills National Park, Tsavo East and West, Amboseli and the Ngurumans to treat these elephant cases, whilst vets were also dispatched to Nairobi National Park to treat a lion and a hyena. Out of all the cases, 7 were given a positive prognosis whilst one elephant sadly had to be euthanized due to the severity of its wounds and the hyena died during treatment.

During this reporting period Sky Vets saw a small increase in cases attended. On-the-ground activities of the DSWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Units continue to cover many cases whilst increased security measures have also had a positive effect in deterring poaching activities, yet due to certain locations and terrain conditions Sky Vets is the only option to ensure a successful mission.