SWT/KWS Sky Vets Report for February - May 2021

Published on the 15th of June, 2021

During February to May 2021 the SWT/KWS Sky Vet program was called to handle 16 wildlife cases, 13 of which were supported by the SWT helicopter and fixed wing aircrafts to help with darting operations, rescues, search and monitoring operations and rapid transport of vets to emergency cases. One helicopter was outsourced, and two planes were chartered from Nairobi.

13 of these cases involved elephants including, 4 poaching cases, 2 rescues and 7 treatments that were due to natural causes. Of the 13 cases, 6 were successfully treated, 4 were given a poor prognosis and 1 sadly was euthanised after suffering a complete fracture of the leg and was unable to move. Her calf was then rescued and flown to the Nairobi Nursery. Another elephant calf was also flown to the orphanage after it was found alone with several bite wounds. Of the elephant poaching cases there were 3 snares and 1 arrow wound injury.

The other 3 cases involved a giraffe with an arrow wound, and a Wild dog and zebra with snare injuries. The zebra should make a full recovery, but the Wild dog did not survive the treatment.

Out of the 16 cases treated there was an 50% success rate and 25% of cases survived but were given a guarded prognosis. Sadly, 6% died naturally, another 6% died due to poaching and 13% were taken to an orphanage.

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