Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Report | April 2024

Published on the 15th of May, 2024

The Tsavo Conservation Area received lower precipitation in April 2024 compared to the preceding months. However, most water pans are still full and both grazers and browsers have enough food. 12 Cases were attended to by the SWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit over the reporting period.

This included 5 elephant cases, 2 of these cases involved rescuing adult elephant bulls. One of the bulls was stuck in mud filled drainage ridge by the side of road, the other was trapped in a 40 foot deep well, where it was found treading water! An overnight mission was required to rescue the bull. The other 3 elephant cases involved elephants bulls with fight injuries. The Veterinary team also attended to a common zebra stallion with a winch wire snare around the neck and an impala ewe with a tin can stuck on her right forelimb. Later in the month, 2 young female Cape buffaloes were relocated to Tsavo East National Park after they were seen near settlements in the Sagalla area.

All the other cases attended to in April involved animals with injuries attributed to natural causes. Unfortunately, 2 of these cases, involving a common zebra foal and an adult female impala with severe compound fractures on their limbs, had a poor prognosis. Both animals were put to rest to alleviate further pain and suffering. The other 2 cases involved an adult female impala with a healing fracture on the forelimb and an adult male waterbuck with wounds in the right shoulder area and along the spine.

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