Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for August 2021

Published on the 15th of September, 2021

As seasonal waters ebb and flow across the Tsavo ecosystem, the movements of elephants and other wildlife follow. When water sources are more abundant, their movement ranges expand. However, August was characterised with scarcity of water which saw wildlife come into conflict with humans and each other.

During August, the SWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit attended to a total of 17 wildlife cases. These included the successful rescue of an elephant calf and mother who had fallen into a cesspit, and the removal of a wire snare from the trunk of an elephant calf (read update). The team also assisted a bull elephant with wire snares tangled around its leg, and treating a bull with a spear wound. On 24th August the Unit was called to assist ex orphan elephant Naipoki who had returned to the Sheldrick Trust Voi Reintegration Unit with an arrow wound. 4 poisoned lionesses were attended to on a number of occasions during the month and a beisa oryx and a male eland in Nguuni Wildlife sanctuary were also helped by the team.

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